Happy Belated Holidays

December 26, 2010
This was meant to go out yesterday but ahem I got distracted by a whole lot of cookies and merry-making xoxo what have y'all been doing to celebrate and yes that is my dresed up, fancy, Christmas ficus Don't judge I prefer to call it my Babar Christmas Tree ... keep reading

Inspiration, Part II

December 11, 2010
This week has been one big life leson after another - and now, I've melted into my couch like a jello-girl, watching Eat, Pray, Love and gearing up for the next wave That said, I've been thinking about your Marzipanlings, and about our last conversation about decimating your (my) comfort zone And somehow, knowing always exactly what I need, the sweetheart posted this video on my facebook wall I cannot stop watching it, and I'm fairly certain, ... keep reading

Decimating Your Comfort Zone

December 08, 2010
Many of us live very neatly within the boundaries of what we consider ourselves capable of at any given point This means, we stick to activities that we already know that we can be succesful in, drawing our expertise and authority around us, and existing within the comfortable context of lived experience and perceived strengths I am no different I am a creature of habit, holding close to situations and contexts that have served me well in the ... keep reading

Spreading Holiday Cheer in a Helpful Way

December 02, 2010
This was not a post that I intended to write, but it has become evident in my work this week that it is such a necesary topic this time of year When you're working with kids this time of year, one thing becomes extremely evident: kids freak out this time of year It is a culmination of things, including the usual suspects such as excitement and overwhelming joy at the prospect of writing their Christmas lists and getting all of the ... keep reading

You've GOT to Watch This

November 24, 2010
also known as, Happy Thanksgiving Marzipanlings! But seriously y'all I do love the holidays, so I'm more than a little susceptible to holiday cheer weepines - BUT Z-OH-MY-GAHHH  Please watch this if you are traveling this weekend Please watch this if you need some cheering up Please just watch it That guy that sang The Pasenger!!! ... keep reading
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