You've GOT to Watch This

November 24, 2010
also known as, Happy Thanksgiving Marzipanlings! But seriously y'all I do love the holidays, so I'm more than a little susceptible to holiday cheer weepines - BUT Z-OH-MY-GAHHH  Please watch this if you are traveling this weekend Please watch this if you need some cheering up Please just watch it That guy that sang The Pasenger!!! ... keep reading

The Official Marzipan Guide: Long Distance Relationships

November 19, 2010
There has been a lot of chatter around here, both on MM and on Twitter, about long distance relationships - How to make them work DO they work in the first place Are there tricks to making them work better What if you are just not cut out for long distance relationships; are you a bad person The short answer is: Yes I believe long distance relationships work And, no, they are not for everyone - and that does not make you a bad person If ... keep reading

What if Wednesday: What If I Took Part in a Virtual Dance Party?

November 17, 2010
Oh yes This was absolutely the highlight of my week: Dynamite Dance with Dynamite Friends from Joy Tanksley on Vimeo Featuring an AMAZING dance crew of KCLAnderson of Before and After: A Real Life Story, Joy Tanksley of Being Joy [Mistres of dance party organization AND video editing], and Katie from Health for the Whole Self What are you doing today to make yourself feel ... keep reading

A Tale of Two Offenses: Marie Claire’s Fat Hatred + Pathetic Attempts for Publicity

October 28, 2010
Dear Maura Kelly, You've broken my heart It seems as though, no matter how hard I work - NOT to carve myself up or diet myself down - but instead to love myself exactly how I am, embracing my flaws, and sweetly reminding myself of all that I have to offer, someone comes along who has the potential to pull the rug out from under all of my perceived succeses and leave me anxiety ridden and plagued by self-doubt I hate that your article has done ... keep reading

Beautiful You: An Interview with Rosie Molinary

October 26, 2010
Happy Tuesday Marzipanlings, I have something REALLY exciting for you today Rosie Molinary, author of the brand spankin' new and FABULOUS body positive book Beautiful You : A Daily Guide to Radical Self Acceptance has graciously taken the time to answer all of the questions that I sent her way I am extremely proud and excited to welcome her to Medicinal Marzipan What inspired you to write this book After I wrote Hijas Americanas, which was about ... keep reading