What IF: I Wrote Down All of My Secrets?

September 08, 2010
Once upon a time, my heart was heavy with secrets The secrets were locked up, deeply embedded in the layers and layers of shame that I held onto for the size of my body These secrets and subsequent shame informed my every decision, chaining themselves to my ankle as I moved about in the world These were secrets that I never full disclosed to a single person, telling them in part as necesary, but always holding the worst details close to the ... keep reading

What IF: I Manifested A Healthy Relationship?

September 01, 2010
Two years ago I was reckles I was busying myself with running around and making out with everyone that I set my eyes on I was moving too quickly, forgetting to eat, and abusing my body with lack of sleep and constant motion I went dancing every night I got myself to a place where I didn't care whether or not someone liked me back because I was too busy moving on to the next person I could find to waste some time with But, in the quiet moments, ... keep reading

The Fat Tax

August 30, 2010
I linked it yesterday, but I felt that this topic deserved a little bit more discusion - did you all read MoPie's post Nail Salon Charges $5 Fat Tax on Big Fat Deal You should probably start there, but the distilled version is this: Michele Fontville was charged an additional $5 for her manicure at Natural Nails Salon in DeKalb County, GA, because of the alleged extra damage that a fat person inflicts upon the manicure chairs She questioned ... keep reading

Ending Negative Self Talk

August 28, 2010
Now This is a bit of a healthy living blogger hot topic BUT one that I have never addresed directly, though presumably one could infer by the content of my writing that I am firmly and staunchly against negative self talk There are two major reasons for engaging in this type of behavior Both are insidious and demand our complete and utter attention 1 Lack of self esteem When you feel badly about yourself, and are frequently stewing deep in ... keep reading

What to Do When You’re Lonely

August 26, 2010
I used to do my best not to spend too much time alone I know what you're thinking - it's healthy to be alone sometimes It's good to settle into yourself without the distractions of everyday life There are so many truths hiding in the absence of noise, whether it be the crackle of the radio, or the constant television, or the marzipan-tried-and-true audiobook on iphone method of distraction Intellectually I know that there is value in being ... keep reading
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