What IF: I Put One Foot In Front Of The Other?

August 25, 2010
Today, I am moving to Boston I will tell you - I am  scared So today, instead of allowing myself to stew in my fears, I'm going to participate in a little project wherein I just lay all of my fears out there, thereby getting them out of my head and my heart so that I can move forward I remember a year ago - I was just starting to look at grad schools and start the long application proces I remember feeling inadequate and unworthy, and that I ... keep reading

Revisiting the Issue of Packing Your Own Lunch

August 21, 2010
Now, I have often used the concept of packing your own lunch as a metaphor for the myriad of ways that you can take care of your body by feeding it properly I love packing my lunch, because it not only allows me to avoid the middle-of-the-day-food-scramble but also because there is something comforting about knowing that you are taking care of your needs, that you are prepared in advance for whatever you might require I pack my lunch because the ... keep reading

Should You Let Your Partner in On Your Emotional Baggage?

August 19, 2010
Yes It's as simple as that But don't you worry - I'll elaborate, if only because I'm not really an answer-in-one-word-kind-of-girl, if you know what I mean, and since you read this blog, I'm fairly certain that you do This question has been sort of circulating around the internet as of late, particularly in regards to body image and disordered eating, with many wondering whether or not that is information to share with your ... keep reading

What IF I Continue to Show Up?

August 18, 2010
When I say show up, I mean persevering against all odds, stepping up to the plate when all of the odds are stacked up against you, forward motion when you see no clear path or cannot understand how something will work out It means waking up day after day and just winging it, on the hope and prayer that somehow, someway, the doors will open before you by the shear force of your dreaming It means, not just sitting back and resting on your ... keep reading

Rogue or Broke: An Interview with Fire Starter Danielle LaPorte

August 13, 2010
In your bio you state that following the succes of Style Statement: Live by Your Own design you built a big media presence and then went rogue - what does that mean for you How has going rogue enabled your succes Rogue was the only choice Rogue or soul death Rogue or broke And it changed everything EVERYTHING I was biking home from yoga tonight and thought, Wow, I'm really living the life I want to live And of course, there's so much more I ... keep reading
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