Revisiting the Issue of Packing Your Own Lunch

August 21, 2010
Now, I have often u ed the concept of packing your own lunch a a metaphor for the myriad of way that you can take care of your body by feeding it properly I love packing my lunch, becau e it not only allow me to avoid the middle-of-the-day-food- cramble but al o becau e there i omething comforting about knowing that you are taking care of your need , that you are prepared in advance for whatever you might require I pack my lunch becau e the ... keep reading

Should You Let Your Partner in On Your Emotional Baggage?

August 19, 2010
Ye It' a imple a that But don't you worry - I'll elaborate, if only becau e I'm not really an an wer-in-one-word-kind-of-girl, if you know what I mean, and ince you read thi blog, I'm fairly certain that you do Thi que tion ha been ort of circulating around the internet a of late, particularly in regard to body image and di ordered eating, with many wondering whether or not that i information to hare with your ... keep reading

What IF I Continue to Show Up?

August 18, 2010
When I ay how up, I mean per evering again t all odd , tepping up to the plate when all of the odd are tacked up again t you, forward motion when you ee no clear path or cannot under tand how omething will work out It mean waking up day after day and ju t winging it, on the hope and prayer that omehow, omeway, the door will open before you by the hear force of your dreaming It mean , not ju t itting back and re ting on your ... keep reading

Rogue or Broke: An Interview with Fire Starter Danielle LaPorte

August 13, 2010
In your bio you tate that following the ucce of Style Statement: Live by Your Own de ign you built a big media pre ence and then went rogue - what doe that mean for you How ha going rogue enabled your ucce Rogue wa the only choice Rogue or oul death Rogue or broke And it changed everything EVERYTHING I wa biking home from yoga tonight and thought, Wow, I'm really living the life I want to live And of cour e, there' o much more I ... keep reading

Thoughts On Being a "Pretty Fat Girl"

August 12, 2010
So the other day I wa having a conver ation with omeone about their body image an feeling of elf worth - feel free to imagine me doing thi all day everyday, a that i ba ically accurate The conver ation went kind of like thi : "I ju t feel bad about my elf all the time I am fat and ugly and no one want to date me I'm getting to the point where I ju t don't know what to do" [Her] "I know EXACTLY what you mean, I u ed to feel like ... keep reading
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