Thoughts On Being a "Pretty Fat Girl"

August 12, 2010
So the other day I was having a conversation with someone about their body image an feelings of self worth - feel free to imagine me doing this all day everyday, as that is basically accurate The conversation went kind of like this: "I just feel bad about myself all the time I am fat and ugly and no one wants to date me I'm getting to the point where I just don't know what to do" [Her] "I know EXACTLY what you mean, I used to feel like ... keep reading

What IF: I Took Myself Seriously as a Writer?

August 04, 2010
Now this is quite a big What If Wednesday, and represents something that I am struggling with big time right now I am struggling - almost daily, to take myself seriously "Taking myself seriously" means several things to me First it means describing what I do to people with out belittling it This means: no air quotes around words like writer, mentor, coach, genius body image think-tank, etc It also means striking works like kinda, sorta, well, ... keep reading

The Fat = "Friend" Relegation

August 03, 2010
Or: Being Sexy When You Don't Fit The "Ideal" Beauty Standards Either title will do - because the idea is exactly the same Lets ask a couple of questions shall we Do you feel like men/women/yourdesiredsexpartner look at you like a friend instead of potential mate because of your size Do you feel like you are too fat to _______  [wear sexy lingerie, high heels, tight dreses, make-up, have sex recklesly and wildly, find healthy ... keep reading

Learning to Dwell in the Realm of Possibility

July 20, 2010
I'm a bit of a dweller As in - obseser, panic creator, incesant doubter, and all around anxiety ridden girl However I'm working really hard on changing my ways The fact of the matter is: when you expect bad things to happen - they do But when you expect and anticipate little miracles everywhere, magic and luck seem to follow you wherever you go And I sure do want to be one of the lucky ones The amazing thing about luck is that you can create ... keep reading

The Case for Masturbation

July 15, 2010
After the smashing and unexpected succes of this week's what if wednesday, What IF: I Start Making Sex a Priority I have decided that the topic certainly warrants some major elaboration For example I didn't even broach the topic of masturbation in the original post, and, well, ahem, masturbation is kind of crucial Now as women, we are overall conditioned not to talk about our sexual needs, and certainly not expected to be agents to our own ... keep reading
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