A Prayer for the Children of Divorce

July 08, 2010
I've been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a child of divorce, as many, many people who are growing up in the US right now share this common experience People are getting divorced more swiftly these days, it seems, and quite often [more often than not] people are growing up in non-nuclear household configurations I have a lot of friends that believe that they can't imagine getting married or having long term relationships due to ... keep reading

What IF: I Stopped Putting so Much Pressure on Myself?

July 07, 2010
What if  I didn't allow myself to be crippled by the presure of unrealistic expectations What if I didn't feel the need to overextend ourselves financially to feel good enough or to "keep up with the joneses" What if I didn't buy myself a new computer/camera/adobe software/thesis/necklace/purse/car What if I didn't subscribe to societal ideals that tell me: thinner, richer, more succesful, smarter, more fun, more charismatic, sexier, better ... keep reading

What If: I Learned How to Say No?

June 30, 2010
I am an overachiever I have been an overachiever for as long as I can remember, and that, coupled with my constant need to people-please, has left me on many, many occasions over-extended, stresed out, and needlesly overwhelmed Sound familiar Keep reading I like to add things to my plate I won't lie, I'm the type of girl who puts unnecesary items on her to do lists, blowing tasks completely out of proportion, because I can, and I will do ... keep reading

What My Prayers Look Like

June 24, 2010
Praying to the Mountain: Last week my family sponsored a ceremony on the beach in my hometown, where we (along with about 30 others) spent the night praying and until sunrise As my family hosted the ceremony, we were bestowed many honors, one of which was to exit the prayer circle during the meeting and move with the road man around the our rim of the circle, praying to the four pray, each sister taking a direction in turn to pray My first ... keep reading

Eating for a Busy Life

June 19, 2010
The thing about local food is that it just tastes so much better This morning I woke up, and the minute my eyes opened, I was craving a local egg scramble with mushrooms, onions, and goat cheese and gluten free toast - you know, the kind of food that you could have cooked for yourself, but that you just love having someone else cook for you I love this kind of eating The type that you can go out and purchase, but that doesn't force you to ... keep reading