True Life: I Grew Up In a Queer Household

June 18, 2010
I was seven when my parent separated They moved into separate parts of the house, then acros the street from one another, and then ultimately, got divorced Then they moved on, and began dating other people My father had a series of girlfriends, some of whom lived with us and some that had other children We spent every weekend with my father My mother went on to have a series of girlfriends as well, though she rarely made any sort of declarative ... keep reading

What IF Wednesday: What If I Promised To Take Care of My Health?

June 17, 2010
Now I know that this isn't a true What If Wednesday, because DUH it's Thursday But, I was planning this post for yesterday, when I was too zonked out and weepy from actually taking care of my health that I was carted away in a little whambulance whenever I sat up and actually attempted to do anything productive So, this is the back story: I hate the doctors Not the way that other people who hate the doctors do, with a total fear of impending ... keep reading

What IF: I Went to Grad School?

June 09, 2010
Now this is not a traditional What IF Wednesday, but this topic is especially salient today because I just registered for clases for my Fall 2010 semester at Simmons School of Social Work Thus, obviously, I already knew I was taking this next step But, I made it this far in the proces by kind of hiding my head in the sand and waiting for the sandstorm to die down around me - also known as how I deal with most things So, today: It's real I'm ... keep reading

Learning How to End Toxic + Harmful Relationships

June 04, 2010
This post is alternately known to me as: How To Fire A Bad Friend, but either will do A little les than a year ago, I was answered a question about how to keep a negative friend from ruining your positive outlook, however I have recently been thinking about it again, as I think this topic may require a more tough-love response This is something that can be a problem, especially if you are a people pleaser [I am] Or particularly bad at ... keep reading

Eating With Intent

June 01, 2010
I am working, minute by minute, and day by day to eat thoughtfully, really focusing and paying attention to the things I consume, and experiencing a bit of "eating sobriety" When food is an addiction, it effects you like any other addiction - you crave it, you think about it all day long, you want more and more and more of it, and it exists outside of your rational thought proces W hen I am in a food blackout, I am reaching out, with both ... keep reading