Learning How to End Toxic + Harmful Relationships

June 04, 2010
This post is alternately known to me as: How To Fire A Bad Friend, but either will do A little les than a year ago, I was answered a question about how to keep a negative friend from ruining your positive outlook, however I have recently been thinking about it again, as I think this topic may require a more tough-love response This is something that can be a problem, especially if you are a people pleaser [I am] Or particularly bad at ... keep reading

Eating With Intent

June 01, 2010
I am working, minute by minute, and day by day to eat thoughtfully, really focusing and paying attention to the things I consume, and experiencing a bit of "eating sobriety" When food is an addiction, it effects you like any other addiction - you crave it, you think about it all day long, you want more and more and more of it, and it exists outside of your rational thought proces W hen I am in a food blackout, I am reaching out, with both ... keep reading

Whales Ate My Blog Post

May 25, 2010
Because sometimes, even when you have the best of the best blog intentions,  you find yourself impromptu whale watching in the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful day of with your little love before whale sighting a breach! a breach! What did you do today that brought you back to living 100% in the present Did it feel ... keep reading

Marzipan + The Case of the Healthy Living Blog

May 10, 2010
I have a confesion: I'm having a really hard time feeling like part of the healthy living blogging community I have another confesion: I am prone to dramatic and absurd fears The problem is: I don't diet I eat healthy approximately 65% of the time The other 35% - ice cream sundaes and french fries I am not skinny I'm not really trying to become skinnier, though I do know that I am currently a little above my usual weight, and thus feel slugish ... keep reading

What If: I Thought I was Capable of Absolutely Anything?

May 05, 2010
I am in the midst of majorly revamping my life I'm not quite sure what is happening, but you know when suddenly everything is falling into place and the what was once EXCRUCIATING is now easy and normal Yep My life Or I should say: the secret life I always wanted for myself, but never thought I could have But let me tell you - I quite certain I can have it all now [Sidebar - why is it that I have such a hard time talking about myself and my ... keep reading
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