The One Where I'm Crazy in Love With You

April 30, 2010
So, tonight thi weet little blog reached an EPIC goal, and that wa entirely due to your lovely reader hip and twitter help To ay that I wa a little verklempt would be an under tatement You came, in drove , from all of the world and corner of the internet, and it made me feel a liiiiiiittle like dancing: And in the true pirit of MM, thi little video hoot i unedited and unadulterated And ye - I like the fi t ... keep reading

What If: I Stopped Comparing Myself to Others?

April 27, 2010
I know, I know, thi i a preemptive "what if" wedne day in tallation, but thi po t i of the utmo t importance and it imply could not wait Thi i not an orthodox what if anyway, a it doe n't addre any of my five initial que tion , but it eem important all the ame So here we go: What if I topped comparing my elf to other What would happen Would I become more: ucce ful/thin/happy/well liked/in ert ecret de ire here I have a hi tory ... keep reading

What If?

April 22, 2010
If you haven't yet heard, Fitarella ha tarted a new challenge wherein a group of blogger will be working weekly toward an wering "what if " Thi challenge originated with Don Miller, and i ba ed upon the idea that "what if" i one of the mo t powerful que tion you can a k your elf He propo e that you tart a mall group where participant will a k them elve five "what if" que tion Next, participant hare their que tion , in thi ca e ... keep reading

Shut the Computer Down + Love Me: The Life of a Blogger

April 16, 2010
The thing about blogging i that it take a lot of work And, mo t importantly, that a lot of that work look a lot like effing around on the Internet Example: I do lot of google reader-ing, " ocial media networking," writing, fixing my blog template, adding plug-in , removing plug-in when I me thing up, checking my tat , o on and o forth All Day Long It' not that I'm ob e ed, it' ju t that I love thi blog, eriou ly, like it' my ... keep reading

Old Dog Learning New Tricks: Taking the High Road

April 12, 2010
Or: The Po t Where I Admit To Still Sleeping With a Teddy Bear at The Age of Twenty-Five I will tart thi off by tating thi thi po t could al o very ea ily be entitled, "The Bear That Broke My Heart" or "The Day I Put My Teddy Bear in a Box and Sent Him Away" And it not really a po t I'm uper excited or proud to hare with you, and yet, here I am, pilling my gut The abbreviated ver ion of thi tory i a follow : Met fir t girlfriend at ... keep reading
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