Whales Ate My Blog Post

May 25, 2010
Because sometimes, even when you have the best of the best blog intentions,  you find yourself impromptu whale watching in the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful day of with your little love before whale sighting a breach! a breach! What did you do today that brought you back to living 100% in the present Did it feel ... keep reading

Marzipan + The Case of the Healthy Living Blog

May 10, 2010
I have a confesion: I'm having a really hard time feeling like part of the healthy living blogging community I have another confesion: I am prone to dramatic and absurd fears The problem is: I don't diet I eat healthy approximately 65% of the time The other 35% - ice cream sundaes and french fries I am not skinny I'm not really trying to become skinnier, though I do know that I am currently a little above my usual weight, and thus feel slugish ... keep reading

What If: I Thought I was Capable of Absolutely Anything?

May 05, 2010
I am in the midst of majorly revamping my life I'm not quite sure what is happening, but you know when suddenly everything is falling into place and the what was once EXCRUCIATING is now easy and normal Yep My life Or I should say: the secret life I always wanted for myself, but never thought I could have But let me tell you - I quite certain I can have it all now [Sidebar - why is it that I have such a hard time talking about myself and my ... keep reading

Glee: Mercedes + the Bout of Negative Body Image

May 03, 2010
Now, I avoided Glee for a long time For some reason I had it stuck in my mind that it was kind of a lame show (I KNOW), and really not worth watching I cannot believe that I ever felt this way I started watching it and then, slowly realized that every freaking episode ended with me completely beside myself, covered in goosebumps from head to toe, losing my mind with happines From a personal perspective - I love this show because its cute, I ... keep reading

The One Where I'm Crazy in Love With You

April 30, 2010
So, tonight this sweet little blog reached an EPIC goal, and that was entirely due to your lovely readership and twitter help To say that I was a little verklempt would be an understatement You came, in droves, from all of the world and corners of the internet, and it made me feel a liiiiiiittle like dancing: And in the true spirit of MM, this little video shoot is unedited and unadulterated And yes - I like the fist ... keep reading