Ask Marzipan: Blogging 101

March 20, 2010
So a couple of days ago a friend of mine emailed me asking about how to become comfortable speaking your mind on your blog and not caring what anyone thought She aslo wondered about whether or not I thought blogging was egocentric I've been cooking on these questions since then, and it seems to me that they are pretty salient to this here blogging busines, which I am chronically attempting to break into First of all Blogging is egocentric It is ... keep reading

Note To Self

March 18, 2010
Dear Mara, It does not have to be polished, or perfect, or succesful It does not matter how many days have pased since you last posted It does not matter if you feel like no one is listening or if what you have to say is arrogant or self pitying All that matters is that you show up That you keep showing up And that you're honest, to the best of your abilities Also, you need more ... keep reading

I Have Suffered Enough + So Have You

March 11, 2010
I've spent the week thinking about the myriad of ways that I want to spend the next twenty-five years of my life I've been focusing on the elements in my life that haven't been serving me well, or asisting me in reaching my fullest potential And I've decided that I have suffered enough I have let months go by without moving my body the slightest amount I have consumed forkful upon forkful, far surpasing my body's natural breaking point I have ... keep reading

Creating Safe Space for Change

March 04, 2010
I spend much of my adult life looking for holes in my ever thickening atmosphere of comfort and safety, trying to figure out how to better insulate and support myself I am the type of girl who needs serious continuity and stability I need to know where my stuff is, how I'm going to get from point A to point B, and how to financially support myself I yearn for relationships with people who are neither up nor down, but generally even keeled and ... keep reading

Learning Not to Wait Until You [Insert Phrase of Choice Here]

February 28, 2010
I spent the first twenty-two years of my life waiting I was waiting until I was prettier, better dresed, smarter, richer, more succesful, happier, but mostly - thinner I had my entire life on hold waiting, hoping that next time I'd be able to keep off the weight, next time I'd fit into a size six, that I'd finally be: sexy, worthy, happy, lovable I was waiting to do the big things like write publicly about my experiences once I'd lost the ... keep reading
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