Worry, Intention & Reclaiming Choice

December 12, 2014
This month, I have been consumed with the idea of well-intended choices, with the way that we actively participate in creating the world around us that we want by stacking up our small choices in an effort to build something beautiful and uniquely our own Cultivating a remarkable life that sustains you is about reclaiming these small choices, about making the decision not to let small choices pas us by because we are busy underestimating ... keep reading

The Self-Help Cycle & Taking Imperfect Action

November 25, 2014
For years I found myself stuck in the same cycle Identify a problem Look for a book or an expert to help me Research on the internet Ask all of my friends Observe what everyone else around me is doing Sit and wonder about it Make a plan Get (more than) a little overwhelmed by my plan Get scared Get more stuck Decide that my problem might need a little more research and begin the cycle again  I was stuck in thinking about the multitude ... keep reading

Living on Purpose

November 03, 2014
Today, I am thrilled to share my answers to an interview with Dr Danielle Dowling about how I live on purpose! How do you identify your spark Do you have any rituals that help you return to your truest, most centered self I define my spark as that quick, quiet moment of noticing that something has peeked my interest For years this moment was so slight, I barely realized that it was happening Now, I notice it in the intake of breath when ... keep reading

Healing for the Inner Good Girl

October 27, 2014
The feeling is so familiar The gripping, churning feeling The promise of repercusion The flinch before the fallout  The moment when my bright and shiny light sprung from my carefully folded hands, trespasing against my best attempts to keep it under wraps For many years I skirted the dance of my ambition and my fear of shining too brightly I stood back against the wall, awkwardly shifting from one foot to another, as I ached with ... keep reading

You Are Allowed

October 23, 2014
You are allowed to rest You are allowed to go through the effort of going to the store, buying the ingredients, and spending time cooking your favorite meal even if you're the only one there to eat it You are allowed to prefer the company of people who lift you up to those that drag you down You are allowed to cry You are allowed to believe in the magic of the moon and tide and seasons You are allowed to be wildly sexy even if you ... keep reading
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