Ask Marzipan: The Virginity Issue

February 06, 2010
Dear Marzipan, I’m about to become a 25 year old virgin who has never been in a real relationship  And I feel like the biggest failure  Sex isn’t something I take casually because I’m a very vulnerable person (aren’t we all at the core) Having never been in a relationship makes me feel unlovable/ugly/dumb/fill-in-the-blank-internal insult  How can I not feel like a freak when everyone around me is getting married and having babies ... keep reading

Self Prescribing Celibacy

February 03, 2010
When I was fourteen I became sexually active Then, my desire for sexual intimacy spawned out of my perpetual need for personal validation I was fat I was scared And the role models that I most aspired to be were those who were charismatic and provocative, with anyone and everyone falling at their feet I longed to be a good flirt, to tease without requisite follow through, for someone to love me publicly Unfortunately, these were the exact ... keep reading

Never Have I Ever: South Carolina

January 23, 2010
So, last I left you, I was ecstatically happy that Big Love was on, but THEN mid-episode it was brought to my attention that I was smelled disgusting - which I was aware of while blogging last night BUT unaware of the actual extent of my stench So, I squeaked a never-have-I-ever in before midnight: never have I ever taken a shower in a handicapped shower We were given a handicapped accesible room upon entering the Holiday Inn Expres, but I ... keep reading

Never Have I Ever: North Carolina

January 22, 2010
Never have I ever set foot outside an airport in North Carolina!! And it was wonderful, truly I had just the most wonderful little visit in Chapel Hill as C and I continued our trip south  This trip has kind of been a reunion tour of sorts, as I have been able to reconnect and visit so many of my long lost beloved friends I'm not really the best at keeping in touch, so it is just fantastic to be able to reunite with people without masive ... keep reading

Conquering Fears II: Doing Something New Every Day

January 20, 2010
Ok So I've been thinking about my last post and focusing my attention on concrete ways to tackle fear head on and pull myself out of a rut The answer: do something NEW and EXCITING every day Thus, I will be propelled out of my anxiety into action and adventure and, ultimately, joy So I introduce the never-have-I-ever series, to commence immediately and end whenever I feel better or I've done all that there is to do in this gigantic world that I ... keep reading