Conquering Fears II: Doing Something New Every Day

January 20, 2010
Ok So I've been thinking about my last post and focusing my attention on concrete ways to tackle fear head on and pull myself out of a rut The answer: do something NEW and EXCITING every day Thus, I will be propelled out of my anxiety into action and adventure and, ultimately, joy So I introduce the never-have-I-ever series, to commence immediately and end whenever I feel better or I've done all that there is to do in this gigantic world that I ... keep reading

Choosing to Say No to Your Fear

January 19, 2010
I am generally a very fearful person I grew up saying no automatically before I even considered the wonder and adventure of saying yes For a period of time, from about six to eight I was awake I would lie in bed, night after night terrified to roll over or shut my eyes paralyzed by the fear of what might happen if I let my guard down I feared: los of control, knives, guns, darknes, torture, bombs, murderers, robbers, and death I feared that I ... keep reading

Ask Marzipan: The Food + Anxiety Cycle

January 14, 2010
Hi! I'm a reader of your blog, and I must say that I am absolutely in love with the site! (: Thank you for all of your support! There is an isue of mine that has been occurring for the past 3-4 months, relative to my eating-habits For the past two years, I've been going through many changes I have been working on myself spiritually, mentally, and physically Through these changes, I have been experiencing bursts of anxiety, and at those moments ... keep reading

On Body Image, Sex + Relationships

January 09, 2010
Learning to stop using sex as a ruler against which your relationship is constantly measured When thinking about body image, for me one of the most presing isues is the way in which my body image and confidence are directly correlated to my sexual identity and satisfaction  As I've disclosed on this blog several times, I've had a complicated sexual history, wrought with trauma, blis, confusion, and ultimately with me learning the hard ... keep reading

Welcome, 2010, I'm So Excited About You..

December 31, 2009
So, on monday I wrote a post entitled Learning To Love Yourself, Even When You Feel Awful in which I promised a follow up on tips that would help you learn to love yourself during the hardest and most terrible body image lows, AND then I thought, how perfect would that be in the form of reformed New Years Resolutions See, I don't really believe in resolutions No one ever keeps them They are often unobtainable or vague and spawn from self ... keep reading