Dream Incubation: Holding the Hope for Your Ideal Life

September 30, 2009
Dream incubation I've written before about manifesting and believing in your own dreams, and these topics have been of particular important to me lately as I have been forcing myself to move forward and act productively in the honor of my own dreams  Which is harder to do than one might imagine! There are all sorts of reasons why we put dreams on the back burner, instead choosing to toil away in our everyday lives because we are so comfortable ... keep reading

FOMO + Learning to be Nice to Myself

September 25, 2009
FOMO: Fear Of Mising Out For once in my young little life, I DO NOT HAVE IT  Yes - it's a Friday night Yes - my friends are probably doing all kinds of really wicked cool fun stuff However, I am exhausted I am in my pajamas Little graciebell (my new iphone) just suffered some kind of MAJOR cardiac arrest and had to be painstakingly restored, as I (her doting mother) HELD MY BREATH, praying praying praying that all of my three hundred (mostly ... keep reading

On My 368th Day of Being in Love

September 04, 2009
I had planned an anniversary post for tuesday, which was my actual anniversary, involving much fanfare and diagrams about the metaphysics of falling in love and much pseudoscientific discusion, however, it seemed more appropriate to spend the day (and subsequent days) just being in love, rather than torturing my sweetheart with boredom as I often do when I enter "blogland" But what I planned to diagram for you was the actual probability of ... keep reading

Attn: Marzipan, Have Become a Complete Nutcase

August 26, 2009
I am losing (have lost) my mind It appears that after the kajillionth week of working at least three too many jobs, begging the universe to bring me my future, scheming and procesing and dreaming and procesing some more, I have hit a wall I am whiny I am heartsick I have bags under my eyes and acne and I need a haircut My two sisters - whom I love more than life itself - are leaving in what is now FIVE days FIVE DAYS When I say I love them, ... keep reading

Confessions of a Compulsive Eater

August 20, 2009
or, Lesons I Don't Want to Teach My Daughters, depending I feel revolting I am too busy to feel revolting And yet, here I am, again, feeling like my skin is too tight and I am suffocating in my overwhelming need to consume I will give myself a slight reprieve: I did quit smoking - after almost ten years I am grateful to myself and my lungs for putting up with me, but I fear that quitting smoking has given my other addictions a chance to ... keep reading
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