FOMO + Learning to be Nice to Myself

September 25, 2009
FOMO: Fear Of Mi ing Out For once in my young little life, I DO NOT HAVE IT  Ye - it' a Friday night Ye - my friend are probably doing all kind of really wicked cool fun tuff However, I am exhau ted I am in my pajama Little graciebell (my new iphone) ju t uffered ome kind of MAJOR cardiac arre t and had to be pain takingly re tored, a I (her doting mother) HELD MY BREATH, praying praying praying that all of my three hundred (mo tly ... keep reading

On My 368th Day of Being in Love

September 04, 2009
I had planned an anniver ary po t for tue day, which wa my actual anniver ary, involving much fanfare and diagram about the metaphy ic of falling in love and much p eudo cientific di cu ion, however, it eemed more appropriate to pend the day (and ub equent day ) ju t being in love, rather than torturing my weetheart with boredom a I often do when I enter "blogland" But what I planned to diagram for you wa the actual probability of ... keep reading

Attn: Marzipan, Have Become a Complete Nutcase

August 26, 2009
I am lo ing (have lo t) my mind It appear that after the kajillionth week of working at lea t three too many job , begging the univer e to bring me my future, cheming and proce ing and dreaming and proce ing ome more, I have hit a wall I am whiny I am heart ick I have bag under my eye and acne and I need a haircut My two i ter - whom I love more than life it elf - are leaving in what i now FIVE day FIVE DAYS When I ay I love them, ... keep reading

Confessions of a Compulsive Eater

August 20, 2009
or, Le on I Don't Want to Teach My Daughter , depending I feel revolting I am too bu y to feel revolting And yet, here I am, again, feeling like my kin i too tight and I am uffocating in my overwhelming need to con ume I will give my elf a light reprieve: I did quit moking - after almo t ten year I am grateful to my elf and my lung for putting up with me, but I fear that quitting moking ha given my other addiction a chance to ... keep reading

Feeling Powerful: Pulling Yourself From the Dark Place

August 06, 2009
&nb p; When I wa a kid I wa pretty generally terrified I would lie awake in my bed, night after night, ten ely alert becau e I wa ure that if my eye clo ed even for a econd omething terrible would happen I wa afraid of the thing that people were capable of doing when no one wa looking, when the light were out, when every one el e wa leeping I had the ability to dwell on the e fear for an alarmingly long period of time, eeing only ... keep reading
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