Dear Maine

November 04, 2009
Dear Maine, you have broken my heart a little bit today, though I had built up thick walls to bar out this type of sadnes, owing to an over active imagination and inclination towards wishful thinking the funny thing about growing up on this hook is it's easy to forget that there are people for whom this everyday is not a reality, and I get lost in thinking that everything will be ok, because there are queer characters on tv, interacting with ... keep reading

Thoughts on "The Perils of Positive Thinking"

October 13, 2009
So, the other day, my mother sent me a link to this post from TIME entitled, "Barbara Ehrenreich on The Peril of Positive Thinking," which I read just now, and am finding myself almost speechles Lets start with the title The PERILS of Positive Thinking! What PERILS could posibly be asociated with positive thinking Hmm, subject may become elated beyond reason They may find themselves blisful and happy and secure Ok I am done being flippant ... keep reading

Dream Incubation: Holding the Hope for Your Ideal Life

September 30, 2009
Dream incubation I've written before about manifesting and believing in your own dreams, and these topics have been of particular important to me lately as I have been forcing myself to move forward and act productively in the honor of my own dreams  Which is harder to do than one might imagine! There are all sorts of reasons why we put dreams on the back burner, instead choosing to toil away in our everyday lives because we are so comfortable ... keep reading

FOMO + Learning to be Nice to Myself

September 25, 2009
FOMO: Fear Of Mising Out For once in my young little life, I DO NOT HAVE IT  Yes - it's a Friday night Yes - my friends are probably doing all kinds of really wicked cool fun stuff However, I am exhausted I am in my pajamas Little graciebell (my new iphone) just suffered some kind of MAJOR cardiac arrest and had to be painstakingly restored, as I (her doting mother) HELD MY BREATH, praying praying praying that all of my three hundred (mostly ... keep reading