Feeling Powerful: Pulling Yourself From the Dark Place

August 06, 2009
  When I was a kid I was pretty generally terrified I would lie awake in my bed, night after night, tensely alert because I was sure that if my eyes closed even for a second something terrible would happen I was afraid of the things that people were capable of doing when no one was looking, when the lights were out, when every one else was sleeping I had the ability to dwell on these fears for an alarmingly long period of time, seeing only ... keep reading

The Scarcity Model, Compulsive Eating, and a new fondness for post-its

July 23, 2009
I have had a complicated relationship with food for as long as I can remember  I often find that my days are filled with complex rituals of wanting, needing, accumulating, and feeling guilty about food Upon becoming an "adult" it was a major relief to me to be in complete and total responsibility of what I ate and how I provided myself with my own wants and needs However, often these desires to provide and take care of myself take on lives of ... keep reading

Ask Marzipan: What Happens When My Best Friend Gets Engaged?

July 17, 2009
So, I must confes, this is what I have been asking myself for the past two weeks It feels like suddenly my life has been pushed into adult overdrive with people working serious jobs and getting married and thinking babies and getting degrees And for a person with high anxiety/an over-active imagination, let me tell you, my brain has been REELING for days It's a bit like this - excited, scared, what am I doing with my life!, excited, sad about ... keep reading

What I Learned From Weight Watchers

July 09, 2009
and how those reminders impacted the rest of my life  So last night I was sitting at dinner, merrily celebrating my sweetheart's birthday, and I was thinking about the promise that I made her as one of her birthday presents: a week without fighting and discord And I suddenly felt several emotions simultaneously First, I was feeling embarrased about my needines/insecurity/penchant for fighting, and the fact that we even needed to come to an ... keep reading

Learning to Love Your Body Regardless of Your Size

July 03, 2009
As I was just browsing one of my new and favorite blog finds, sexgenderbody, a reader poll pertaining to body image appeared on the homepage which reminded me of something I had been meaning to addres for quite some time now As you all know, and hopefully adore, Medicinal Marzipan is at its heart a blog that works to promote self love, positive body image, and personal well-being, as well as negotiating the complicated and often difficult road ... keep reading