Ask Marzipan: How Do I Keep a Negative Friend From Ruining my Positive Thinking?

June 15, 2009
Dear Marzipan, I read your blog last week when you wrote about manifesting, which is something that I'd already been working on in my personal life I wondering if you have any tips for keeping a negative friend from ruining your positive outlook I love my friend, but sometimes her negative energy is really difficult for me to be around I feel like there are so many great things happening in my life, I just wish she could be happy for me ... keep reading

Learning to Manifest Your Dream Life

June 12, 2009
I believe in manifesting your own destiny I believe in it whole-heartedly I believe that if you are able to concretely imagine the life that you want, not just abstractly wishing for something better or wanting more from your daily grind or a better lover or bank account, but being able to specifically determine your goals/dreams, you can bring those positive changes into existence And I’ve read all the books Sometimes when I’m extra anxious ... keep reading

Ask Marzipan: Is It OK to Check My Girlfriend’s Email?

June 09, 2009
Dear Marzipan, Help! I can’t stop reading my girlfriend’s email and text mesages I trust and love her, but I’ve been hurt before and I’m just so scared it’s going to happen again I haven’t told her that I’ve been doing it and I feel really awful about it Am I committing relationship suicide Dear friend, Yes I’m sorry I don’t mean to be harsh, because BELIEVE ME I more than sympathize with your problem I may have been a bit of ... keep reading

Learning to Take Care of Yourself

May 28, 2009
Since Monday I have been thinking a lot about the last ask marzipan column in which I advised one reader to not forget about her own needs while in the midst of a romantic whirlwind, and I have decided that the topic of self care and preservation is one that deserves some more attention Example: Summer on Cape Cod moved into full swing this weekend with Memorial Day weekend, or rather, "baby-dyke" weekend if you are queer or even mildly ... keep reading

Ask Marzipan: How Do I Retain Individuality Within my Relationship?

May 27, 2009
Dear Medicinal Marzipan, Your response to last week's Ask Marizpan post was very helpful! Here's my isue: When I'm in a relationship I tend to throw all my energies into it and into my partner I get so enraptured in all the intense, romantic, and intimate feelings, but sometimes forget to love myself and lose who I am as an individual What are some tips to maintain myself as my own person while still showing my partner the kind of love that I ... keep reading
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