Ask Marzipan: How Do I Retain Individuality Within my Relationship?

May 27, 2009
Dear Medicinal Marzipan, Your response to last week's Ask Marizpan post was very helpful! Here's my isue: When I'm in a relationship I tend to throw all my energies into it and into my partner I get so enraptured in all the intense, romantic, and intimate feelings, but sometimes forget to love myself and lose who I am as an individual What are some tips to maintain myself as my own person while still showing my partner the kind of love that I ... keep reading

Learning to be the Most Amazing Person in the Room

May 22, 2009
Even when you feel anything but And I have been feeling anything but, let me tell you  Lately I've had a swollen face, strained vocal cords (though some might find this sexy - I found it burdensome), frizzy hair, and an awkward body that feels disconnected and overwhelming All I've wanted to wear were sweat pants four sizes too big and a yellow college sweatshirt that falls frumpily to my knees  I haven't felt even 1/10th sexy And yet, in an ... keep reading

Learning to Let it Be Easy

May 07, 2009
It has been that kind of day The kind where you wake up and your throat hurts and you had dreams you had the spins or 125 whales were beached under hills of sand and you are grumpy and why won't the coffee just make itself and you need a re-do, but there's no time Unfortunately I've been having days like this for the past four days, and everyone's patience (my own included) is wearing thin I've never been good with change I get transitional ... keep reading

Ask Marzipan: Testing the Boundaries of Monogamy

May 04, 2009
Dear Marzipan, My mother has always said that one needs to be proactive in preventing circumstances in which your monogamous loyalty to your partner can be disabled by formed feelings, developed desires for another  In terms of preexisting friendships (some with non-platonic histories thrown into the mix), what should I do  Do Iallow for this loyalty to be tested, knowing that a thing gone unchallenged is weaker than something that has Or ... keep reading

Learning to Love (and Hold Out For) Positive Attention

April 03, 2009
I have been behaving badly In the past two weeks I have caught myself indulging in said frowned upon behavior: whining, yelling, whining some more when the yelling doesn't pan out, pointing out flaws without any sense of compasion, being self-involved, speaking either meanly and/or shortly to those around me (and by around me, I mostly mean to C, since lets be honest, it's a small island) This is not to say I have ONLY been behaving badly I ... keep reading