Vieques, Puerto Rico: What I Have Been Up To

February 26, 2009
As you can see, I have been very busy I have been doing these things: eating cheesecakeviequeneselime ramekin filled deliciousnes, combating roosters, knocking papayas off of the trees in my yard with a large stick, snorkeling for starfish, falling in love, plucking my eyebrows, watching DAMAGES, reading the secret life of bees, writing, drooling over bags of arugula that cost me astronomical amounts of money, finding the least toxic eggs on ... keep reading

Learning to Let You Love Me

December 05, 2008
It used to be that I couldn't accept a compliment without a grimace When people would point things out to me, I often responded with a grumble determined to undercut myself or deflect attention When I was fourteen, I would force my first girlfriend to tell me she loved me a million times a day  I never asked her to directly, but there was something in the pain I carried so deep, the fear and insecurity that weighed heavy on my back, crippling ... keep reading

Relationships + Emotional Baggage: Telling Little White Lies

October 03, 2008
Lately I've been wondering how it is that everyone in my life is so easily contained in themselves I've been wondering how my friends are so beautiful and so pulled together  And then we talk and there seems to be so much overwhelming disatisfaction And I wonder, if you were able to ask for what you wanted, what you really wanted, without hesitation or embarrasment or fear of repercusion, what would it be I have this image of myself as kind ... keep reading

A Note from the Universe

September 25, 2008
On Monday, I opened my mailbox in the morning to receive this note from the universe: When in a hurry, Mara, step #1 for changing the entire world, is falling in love with it as it already is Same for changing yourself You like The Universe And best of all, Mara, with this approach, there is no step 2 Because when you love the world exactly the way it is, and yourself for exactly who you are, everything else falls in to place {image ... keep reading