In Service to Your Big Dream

September 03, 2014
Two year ago today, I tarted working for my elf full-time The day before I tarted went full-time in my bu ine , I found my elf elbow-deep in food debri a I hurriedly wa hed di he at my la t catering gig I remember the udden awarene that I could not longer do thing the way that I had done I wa no longer ati fied with the life that I had been living - working my heart out for omeone el e' bu ine , building ome one el e' ... keep reading

Blooming Wildly

August 25, 2014
A women, we often carry a de ire for wholene - for feeling vibrant in our bodie , for creativity that pour from our finger tip , and for relation hip where we feel encouraged to how up exactly a we are For giving our elve permi ion to grow root where we are now - choo ing to become an active participant in our own live , curating moment of joy in the pace in between a packed chedule and a PTA bake ale For celebrating the ... keep reading

Loosening the Tether of Perfectionism :: A Note to My Younger Self

August 20, 2014
Dear 22-year old Mara, I can ee that you're truggling with all the the unknown that lie before you I can feel the palpable nervou ne throbbing through the year of memory between u I know that you believe that it i alway going to be complicated and that you'll never be able to feel deliciou ly at home in your life - though you yearn for it daily Take a eat, I have a few thought that I would like to hare with you Pau e You do ... keep reading

A Circle That Can Hold Anything

August 13, 2014
A acred, creative circle of women can hold anything and everything {Chri Zydel, Creative Juice Art } When I came acro thi tatement on Facebook thi morning, I pau ed for ju t a moment before continuing to auté the vegetable for my frittata I remembered it when I picked up my coffee moment later By the time I at down to write, it wa welling up in my throat, tearing it' way through my body a my eye filled with tear A acred, ... keep reading

Body Love & Radical Self-Responsibility: Holding the Framework

July 18, 2014
In every phere of my work, I work with women to delve into deeper and more permi ive layer of cha ing what light them up I tand firm in my belief that we can orient our own per onal compa in the direction of de ire and tru t in it' guidance But there' a caveat There are moment when we want to hold the framework for our elve , carrying our elve through proce e that don't exactly light u up at the moment - in the promi e of ... keep reading
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