In Service to Your Big Dream

September 03, 2014
Two years ago today, I started working for myself full-time The day before I started went full-time in my busines, I found myself elbow-deep in food debris as I hurriedly washed dishes at my last catering gig I remember the sudden awarenes that I could not longer do things the way that I had done I was no longer satisfied with the life that I had been living - working my heart out for someone else's busines, building some one else's ... keep reading

Blooming Wildly

August 25, 2014
As women, we often carry a desire for wholenes - for feeling vibrant in our bodies, for creativity that pours from our finger tips, and for relationships where we feel encouraged to show up exactly as we are For giving ourselves permision to grow roots where we are now - choosing to become an active participants in our own lives, curating moments of joy in the spaces in between a packed schedule and a PTA bake sale For celebrating the ... keep reading

Loosening the Tether of Perfectionism :: A Note to My Younger Self

August 20, 2014
Dear 22-year old Mara, I can see that you're struggling with all the the unknowns that lie before you I can feel the palpable nervousnes throbbing through the years of memory between us I know that you believe that it is always going to be complicated and that you'll never be able to feel deliciously at home in your life - though you yearn for it daily Take a seat, I have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you Pause You do ... keep reading

A Circle That Can Hold Anything

August 13, 2014
A sacred, creative circle of women can hold anything and everything {Chris Zydel, Creative Juices Arts} When I came acros this statement on Facebook this morning, I paused for just a moment before continuing to sauté the vegetables for my frittata I remembered it when I picked up my coffee moments later By the time I sat down to write, it was welling up in my throat, tearing it's way through my body as my eyes filled with tears A sacred, ... keep reading

Body Love & Radical Self-Responsibility: Holding the Framework

July 18, 2014
In every sphere of my work, I work with women to delve into deeper and more permisive layers of chasing what lights them up I stand firm in my belief that we can orient our own personal compas in the direction of desire and trust in it's guidance But there's a caveat There are moments when we want to hold the framework for ourselves, carrying ourselves through proceses that don't exactly light us up at the moment - in the promise of ... keep reading