Body Loving Blogopshere 02.05.12

February 05, 2012

A new site that I’m loving is Can You Stay For Dinner? Check out this post on advice for emotional eaters.

Fear of disapproval – a resounding YES.

I love this list of ideas for small ways you can inject healthier, happier habits daily in February. Start small. Breathe. Take it slow.

“I delved pretty deep and I gave myself permission to be as angry as I wanted.” [Living in the (K)now]

You have permission to be selfish.

Are you a curvy person who has been a little nervous about being judged in your yoga class? This post is for you.

The Importance of Honoring Your Needs and Feelings.

Do you ever start feeling itchy and wanting to hurry on up and DO some eating disorder activism? Margarita’s got your covered with lots of good places to start.

Have more sex, renounce the past, and get dressed up for ordinary occasions. In other words, throw caution to the wind and live your life.

Feeling your feelings instead of feeding your feelings.

Tell your potential customers why to hire YOU over the next guy. Hint: It’s because you’re totally freaking awesome.

And on that note? This business post is so exhilarating I literally printed it out and hung it next to my desk, something that I often joke about but almost never do.

Life is short, so send a little love over to those haters.

If only your life looked like your pinterest boards.

All of my friends are married with kids – will they abandon me? Recommended reading for all people 18 – forever.

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