Body Loving Homework: Writing Prompts for Cultivating Self-Love


Body Loving Homework: Writing Prompts for Cultivating Self-Love is one part ebook, one part digital anthology, and one part self-study coaching program – all designed to help you find clarity around what you deserve out of your life and your daily experiences.

This book is designed to help you dig in and dig deep.

It is chock full of 100 writing prompts for navigating you along the path of focusing on your best self and what you have to offer both yourself and the world around you. Those 100 prompts are broken down into ten aspects of the human experience – creating a ten week, daily writing course that will have you crafting your dream life in no time.

I love questions. Hard ones, soft ones, big ones…and these ones.
Mara’s love-stirring inquiry will be the best homework you ever gave yourself.

- Danielle Laporte

The ten sections represented in the book are: the physical body, emotional body, relationships, sex and intimacy, right livelihood, money, unraveling a media-fueled education, home and creating sacred space, forgiveness of yourself and others, and deserving.

“Crafting your dream life” is code for:

Asking for a raise that you deserve, making the decision to seek out and learn how to maintain a healthy relationship, ending the war you’ve got going on with your body, cleaning your damn car already, making time to move your body for real this time, examining how it is that you are truly impacted by photoshopped images of ideal women, and figuring out how to listen to your body, intuition, and heart when making decisions.

Yes. It really is that simple.

This is the how-to manual for the way that I used writing to heal my painfully low sense of self-worth. It is the how-to manual for taking the stories that weigh you down and turning them into something that you’re proud of.

Writing is an immensely powerful tool for self-discovery and healing. But when you’re hurt, frightened, or caught in a cycle of self-abasement, it takes a masterful guide to open your heart … and let the words come out.

Mara is just that — a masterful guide. Her zone of genius? Cultivating self-love. And her collection of personal stories and nurturing prompts is not to be missed.

- Alexandra Franzen

It is the how-to manual for refusing to play small in your life any longer, and trading UP instead.

It is the how-to manual for turning your life of worry, shame, and hatred into a life that you are ecstatic about living.

You (and your happiness and sanity) are worth the effort. Trust me.



Big Love for Body Loving Homework

Useful, helpful, loving, beautifully designed! This book is a must-read for any women struggling with her body or self-love. Mara writes from a place of knowledge and kindness. So lovely!- Sarah Von Bargen

If there is anything I have learned in life, it is that writing heals you. Writing is the thing that allows you to reach deep within and clarify what it is you know, feel, wish to do. Writing can lead us to the most powerful of solutions and it is the most intimate of celebrations. Mara Glatzel’s Body Loving Homework is a luminous gift to those who must write to find their questions and to those who wish to write their answers. With gentle guidance and just the right tried and true prompts, you will finish your homework not with just pages filled, but with your heart full of a whole new love for yourself that you never could have dreamed was possible and that you will never want to live without again.- Rosie Molinary

Body Loving Homework is a soulful, beautiful and divinely sacred journey that has been made just for you. Mara has created a visually stunning guide to lead you towards greater love for your body and for yourself. There’s no more wonderful path you could take, with Mara holding your hand and encouraging you to open your heart with every step.- Julie Parker

Self-love can seem so unattainable, so out of reach, especially if you’re used to the agonizing chatter of an inner critic. Mara has created a truly breathtaking book that gives readers the route to self-love and self-discovery. Her thoughtful and creative prompts empower us to speak our stories – when so often we’ve stayed shut and silent – and to heal. Body Loving Homework is a must-read. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’ll change your life in the best ways.- Margarita Tartakovsky

Body Loving Homework takes the fundamental aspects of our lives—money, livelihood, relationships, sex, our physical lives—and asks us to articulate and define our narrative. Not the myths we’ve created around ourselves, or had others create for us, but what our actual, authentic stories and responses might be. Nobody has ever asked me how childhood conversations about money made me feel; in response to that prompt in the money section, I was surprised to find that the word ashamed came to mind, given that I’ve always had a reasonable attitude toward my finances. Examining just this one question revealed long-held beliefs I didn’t recognize I had—and there are 99 other questions in this book like that one.Never delving into cliches or patronizing you-go-girl talk, Mara gets to the crux of what that well-meaning but pat genre of self-help aims for and misses. More important, she allows her readers to get to that crux themselves. Like a metal detector that seeks out the most private parts of ourselves and our experiences, this book goes straight from the page into our most intimately held beliefs. It’s challenging work—perhaps frightening at times. But it is always worth it, and Mara’s voice serves as a steady, supportive reminder of that throughout the book.

- Autumn Whitefield-Madrano