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Category Archives: Mental Health

Tender Sustainability

This week, I wrote a secret prayer for a woman that I don’t know . I rolled it up and laid it sweetly into an a tiny altar that I had made for her, surrounded by star shaped sparkles and images of blooms budding. I wrote: You deserve a revision – then another. Delicious, unhurried […]

A Prayer in the Eye of the Storm

The accumulation of snow with hibernating blades of grass beneath.  The warm covering of a quiet landscape. A momentary lapse between fits of doing and being and perceiving action as truth. At the root of it all, I have a complicated relationship with relaxation.  On the one hand, I yearn for it. I peek into […]

When Our Darkest Parts Seem Impossible to Hold

There are movies that I feel compelled to watch, even though I know that they will be hugely difficult and triggering for me. I see them coming my way, peripherally watching the trailers or making plans to see them with my friends. And then, when it comes to watching them, I freeze. There is never […]

Tales From The Groundskeeper: Real Self-Care

This month, self-care has been on my mind. It has been on my mind, because I have been both deeply needing and deeply providing. Needing a soft place to land.  Needing food that fills me up, instead of breaking me down.  Needing as much sleep as I can get.  Needing space to move about freely […]

Experiment with Love: Handling Criticism + Judgment

Imagine that you are walking your walk, moving along your path and dancing in your own shimmering light as often as possible. You are practicing being impeccable with your word. You are re-inventing your boundaries, in the name of cultivating relationships that rock your world in the best possible ways. You are holding your head […]

Welcome! I’m Mara.

I’m Mara Glatzel. I’m an intuitive coach and writer. I guide women home to themselves and teach them to create lives brimming with supreme self-care. read more
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