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Category Archives: Movement

Doing + Feeling Good: Swim For Life

On Saturday morning it 9am, I will join many, many others in swimming 1.4 miles from one side of the Provincetown harbor to the other in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS, women’s health and community health on the lower Cape. I wanted to illustrate what we were talking about here, because […]

The Danger of a Single Ideal Body

This post is written by Caitlin of Fit and Feminist. Recently, I came across a blog post by a personal trainer in which she explored the one of my least favorite terms as applied to women’s bodies – the word “bulky.”  Any weight-training woman is familiar with this term, as it is often the first […]

4 Ways to Create Your Own Movement Ritual (and Enjoy Rockin’ Your Bod)

So, I never thought I was into rituals. Probably because I had little to no idea what that meant, but I was pretty sure it had something to do with The Craft. I’m the kind of person who sees a trailer for a scary movie and has nightmares for weeks, so I knew I didn’t want […]

Giveaway: Up and Running

Y’all this has been a GOOD month for people who are running on over to me just begging to give you fancy presents. Last week, we hosted a giveaway for Beautiful You’s gorgeous Ebook of affirmations and art, which you should still totally check out even if you missed it. But this week? This week […]

That One Time I Ran A 5K at Fitbloggin’

So, I very briefly mentioned it in Sunday’s Body Loving Blogosphere that I ran my very first 5K this weekend at Fitbloggin‘, but I mean, this even basically changes my entire life – so it warrants its own celebratory post. I RAN A 5K! As a matter of fact, I got lost part way through […]

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