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The Locker Combination

Note from Marzipan: I am so excited for this post, because it was written my very own sweetheart – Cookie, professional underdog, as a part of the Teen Week: Words That Heal series. Want to participate? Check out the details here. I remember passing notes in the library in Jr. High. Every one did it. […]

Sexuality, Self-Confidence, and Being a Teenager

This post was written by Alice Oates as a part of the Teen Week: Words That Heal series. Want to participate? Check out the details here. I’ve now reached that very strange point that everyone must reach where next birthday I will not be a teenager anymore.  It has its own terrifying connotations of being […]

Having Sex Like It’s Going Out of Style

You know me, I love a good uproar on the internetz, and I know that YOU love it when I throw in my two cents at least two weeks two late – just to let the dust settle a little bit. Just kidding, I live under a rock and I only today got around to […]

Fatshion Week: I’m Too Bodacious for Your Absurdly Small Lingerie

Alright y’all, I won’t lie, I created Fatshion Week sheerly because I wanted to talk to you about lingerie for curvy chicks. Have you ever felt like you wanted to get all gussied up and slip into something sexy, but you just couldn’t find anything in your size? Been there. THANK GOODNESS WE’VE FOUND ONE […]

Ask Marzipan: My Partner Doesn’t Like My Body Type

Question: If my spouse told me he isn’t “as attracted to me since I’ve put on weight b/c he doesn’t like the body type I have” and we only have sex once a month or so (so like very little intimacy) and he shies away from physical affection and I can’t get passed this lack […]

Welcome! I’m Mara.

I’m Mara Glatzel. I’m an intuitive coach and writer. I guide women home to themselves and teach them to create lives brimming with supreme self-care. read more
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