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Deepen your relationship with yourself, amplify your self-reliance and self-trust, and cultivate a life that you lights you up from the core.

The experiences and resources below were created to provide you with an extra layer of support, a deeper level of healing, and a gorgeous, brave community to keep you company on your journey.

This coursework aims to meet you exactly where you are and provide you with radiant love and inspiration to keep you company on your path.

Thank you for showing up here.


Opportunities: March | Fall 2018 |
On Demand


Cycle for Business

Saturday, March 17 at 11 am Eastern

Cycle for Business is a two-hour live workshop that will help you create a sustainable action plan for doing the work you were put on this planet to do.

Fall 2018



October – June

Tend is a 9-month virtual circle for women who are ready to have their needs met.

Do you suspect that you might need a little (or a lot) more of the energy, time, attention, understanding, and love that you so readily give others?

In this signature course you will receive the clarity necessary to figure out what you need and the courage to ask for it.

On Demand Classes + Workshops


14 days of powerful guided meditations about adoring and accepting yourself, exactly as you are.




31 days of rest – and respite – from a lifetime of over-serving, over-committing, and exhaustion.



Your heart in hard copy, this manual of 100 journal prompts will get you in the zone for delicious self-inquiry & rampant self-love.




Build a relationship with yourself grounded in brave (unconditional) self-love, acceptance & permission.




Create the life the deeply meaningful & joyful life that you deserve – one email, prompt & invitation at a time.



Big love for Mara’s Classes + Workshops…

This class works because of Mara. Mara’s words struck a deep chord for me. Watching the videos, I had so many “aha” moments where I couldn’t help but nod along, whether I was listening to them in my kitchen or at the gym. Mara is so present and empathetic in her coaching. I felt safe with her immediately. This is hard work, and you need an incredible woman like Mara on your side while you’re doing it! During this course, I realized that I love my job and gave myself permission to enjoy work again, and I realized that my apartment wasn’t working for me and recently moved into a new place. This course touched every aspect of my life… which sounds like over-promising, but is so real! I had all these realizations because I was writing so often that I was able to hear myself again. This was a great gift to myself. – Maggie M.
The course came at a perfect time for me– just relocated and fighting feelings of not deserving and loneliness. I was excited and ready for the opportunity to reinvent myself, with a little help! Mara’s work is attentive, kind and gentle. I LOVED the writing prompts! When responding to the prompts I would write about whatever was coming up for me at the time– a lot of surface stuff. It was the further questions and coaching that worked best for me. It opened up a space for me to really sit with what was truly going on, to dig deep and create change. – Amy W.
Mara’s insightful, no b.s. questions allow you to have your own ‘aha’ moments as you’re ready for them, which is vital for this work to ‘stick’, and extremely useful as you’re feeling your way through every emotion imaginable. – Nicole G.
Working with Mara has been one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made. When I registered for Mara’s wonderful community class “Body-Loving Homework,” I felt so lost and alone during what felt like a time of transition loaded with heavy decisions. I didn’t have the words to describe how I felt…I only knew that I was overwhelmed. In doing the work of the class and in responding to Mara’s writing prompts, I gradually reclaimed my voice.At the foundation of working with Mara, your language of self-love and self-acceptance will expand. This was a new language for me. I hadn’t thought much of “following what lights me up” or “honoring my intuition” until working with Mara. As I grew more conversant in this language, I cultivated a stronger sense of self-trust, which both reawakened my spirit and transformed my thought processes. Perhaps the greatest gift in working with Mara has been digging into how I can honor and celebrate myself even when I’m uncertain, uncomfortable, or terrified. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Mara’s classes also have fulfilled my great need for community. The women that you’ll meet in Mara’s classes will surely be supportive and trustworthy kindred spirits. You will feel like so much space has been opened up for you to explore, change your mind, and be vulnerable. – Taz M.

YES. Mara is one of those people who make you feel immediately comfortable, welcome, and loved. She is an incredibly wise, beautiful and generous human being. Working with her has truly been life changing.Since working with her, I have been inspired to: LEAVE the three year program I was in that was highly toxic and finally create the space in my life to take care of myself, Have real conversations with people about self-care about the fact that I am prioritizing self-care, and be confident wearing clothes I like with the body I have now. I’ve been inspired to say NO to things. To disappoint people. To feel no guilt whatsoever telling someone honestly: sorry, I can’t do that because that is my only day off this week. Feeling COMPLETELY OK telling someone I don’t want to go dancing, I don’t feel like going to that party, because I recognize the perfectly valid and ok part of me that sometimes needs space. And recognizing how much POWER there is in that.

If you are feeling any pull towards working with her in any capacity… all I can say is DO IT! This is not the time to quiet your instincts, follow it with all your heart, because I am sure it means you are kindred spirits. – C.

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Believing takes practice. {Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time}