Quarterly virtual retreats for women who want to get shit done without sacrificing their self-care

There are a lot of things that you want to do, but you are constantly moving without getting much done.

You are tired of setting goals for yourself each year only to get to December without having accomplished anything.

You are tired of finding yourself at the bottom of your to do list, again.

You want more for yourself, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

Here’s the thing: you can do anything but you cannot do everything.

You might have a laundry list of resolutions and a sparkly plan for reinvention.

Perhaps you’ve been trying to triage the feeling that your life is passing you by, but can’t seem to make good on any of the promises that you’ve made yourself.

Or maybe you are simply tired of scrambling and reacting to your life instead of proactively caring for yourself.

You are human. Your energy is cyclical like the seasons. It ebbs and flows just like the tide. It is not meant to be constant all year long.

If you are going to do the work that you were put on this planet to do with greater ease and grace, you need clarity, focus, and a plan to honor your natural energy cycle.

You thrive on self-care. We all do.

What if it were possible to create a sustainable self-care plan that followed you throughout the year, based firmly on your needs and personal energy cycles?

What if you got out in front of your burn out by recognizing it on the horizon instead waiting until it has you in its clutches?

What if you felt grounded and confident in your ability to have your own back, so that you could stop spinning your wheels and devote yourself more fully to the dreams that you have for yourself?

It is nearly impossible to do the work that you were put on this planet to do if you are exhausted, fragmented, and worried that you aren’t good enough.

When you connect to your intentions and create a sustainable plan that is specific to YOU (and your needs for the season ahead), you are inspired to get shit done without sacrificing the essential self-care rituals and practices that support you.

Cycle is about providing yourself with seasonal opportunities to reconnect, restore, and recalibrate, so that you can move through your year with greater awareness and motivation.

Cycle is about planning for and tending to your essential self-care.

The personal practices and daily rituals that give you the energy to show up and be of service.

The gift of time and space to be honest with your desires and intentions – and bring awareness to the places where you aren’t acting in integrity with how you want to be living.

The support of a community of women who are invested in living intentionally and doing things their way, no matter how other people in their lives might do things.

Wanting your life to feel better isn’t a frivolous endeavor. It is a lifeline.

Mara creates a loving space to pause, reflect on what you want, to get clear on ways to support yourself. I loved being in community with other women who are on a similar journey and who care about nurturing themselves. Participating in Cycle allowed me to get real with myself and go to deeper places than I would have been able to on my own. – Helen K.

Specifics & Particulars

Next retreat: Fall, October 20 – 22

The idea behind Cycle is simple and supportive.

Four times a year, we gather together for a weekend of virtual retreating. As long as you have a high-speed internet connection, you can join the webinar and circle with our group no matter where you are.

Each retreat weekend includes…

  • an email with journal prompts to get you revved up on Friday
  • a glorious day of gathering live and coaching with me on Saturday
  • curated self-care rituals to help you tend to yourself on Sunday
  • access to a supportive Facebook group to stay connected between retreats

Spring, Summer, and Fall live gatherings will take place the weekends of April 22, July 15, and October 21.

During each Saturday live workshop, we will circle from 11 am – 12:30 and 1:30 – 3 pm Eastern.

Cycle will help you create space to cultivate intentions, map out a seasonally specific self-care protocol, and stay connected with your vision for your life. 

Do you want to get shit done in 2017 while taking spectacular care of yourself?

Fall Retreat


Why I Created Cycle

Mara GlatzelMy name is Mara Glatzel and I am an intuitive coach who helps women identify, honor, and advocate for their needs.

I am also woman who burnt herself out early on perfection and drinking a zillion cups of coffee to wind myself up to plow through a(nother) to do list of things I didn’t really care about.

On the other side of that, I have become a woman who believes that being is just as important as doing.

After spending the two years hyper-focused on becoming pregnant and giving birth to my daughter, I have started feeling restless and ready to tend to my life again.

This year I want to speak my truth and ask for what I need.

I want to be productive and tender.

I know myself well enough to know that in order to make good on these desires, I need to actively cultivate space and time to reconnect with myself. I need to pay attention so that I can be thoughtful and proactive about how I am living, because I am dedicated to living well.

I created Cycle as a tool to recommit to my life in the coming year, but I want to invite you to circle with me because dreaming big loves company.

Join me in taking time out of your life to gather your dreams and intentions.

Join me in celebrating everything that you are and are accomplishing.

Join me in writing your own manual for seasonal self-care and radical self-responsibility.

Your Questions, Answered

I loved Glitter & Devotion. Is this kind of like that?

Yep. But imagine a bigger and better Glitter and Devotion, repeated quarterly and deliciously padded with supportive prompts and seasonal care rituals.

(In short, if you loved G&D, you’re going to love Cycle.)

Can I give Cycle as a gift?

Of course you can, you generous thing you! Email me at to set this up.

Do I have time for this? What is the time commitment?

As a participant in Cycle, you will have access to the virtual retreat materials four times over the course of the year. Each weekend’s programming will include journaling prompts to complete Friday evening, two 90-minute virtual gatherings on Saturday, and a care ritual to nourish and replenish yourself on Sunday.

All of these prompts can be completed in your own timing and fit into your schedule in a way that is supportive for you.

What will I need to participate?

All that you need in order to participate in Cycle is access to a high-speed internet connection and email address.

What if I can’t make one of the virtual retreats?

Each virtual retreat will be recorded and emailed to you after we wrap up.  This way you will be able to watch and benefit from our live circles even if you have to miss one of the retreats or something comes up.

What if I’m located in the Southern hemisphere? Will I still get a lot out of planning by the seasons?

Great question! Cycle is based on the Northern Hemisphere’s seasons. However, if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere and want to circle with us, you are absolutely invited. You will still benefit from cultivating a self-care plan to support yourself as you move throughout your seasons and opportunities to track your wishes and intentions over the course of the year.

Treat yourself.

Fall retreat


A love note & reminder

Cycle was created for those of you who relish in creating space to nourish yourself or want to learn how to approach your life with greater ease and grace.

I could sell you on the myriad of ways that taking the time and gifting yourself these seasonal retreats will serve you, because taking part WILL serve you. You will get more done. You will gain clarity and feel more productive. You will feel lovingly tended as you adjust your self-care to the seasons.

But, something doesn’t have to be useful for you to take part. It doesn’t have to be functional in the sense that you put in the time and money and you get something in return.

You can join us just because it sounds enjoyable.

You can join us because it lights you up to think about taking a cozy weekend to yourself every couple of months. Because you know that you don’t want to let another year slip by without taking care of yourself the way that you deserve to be take care of so that you can keep showing up.

You can join us because it sounds really quite delicious to carve out more space for yourself in your busy life. (And you may not hold yourself to it if you don’t plan for it ahead of time.)

You can join us because you love an excuse to pull out big pieces of paper to craft dreams for the future or craft a ritual to help you shed the stories that no longer serve you.

You can join us because you want 2017 to be a year of joyful celebration and glittery devotion.

What Happens After I Sign-Up?

After you click the YES button below…

  • A screen will pop-up inviting you to pay for Cycle with either Paypal or major credit card.
  • After paying, you will be ushered to a page thanking you for signing up and receive a welcome email
  • If you haven’t received the email within an hour, please check your spam/promotions folder to retrieve it or email me at

Do you want to get shit done in 2017 while taking spectacular care of yourself?

Fall Retreat