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Self-love Coach. Masters Level Clinical Social Worker.
Memoirist + Blogger. Hula Hooping Heroine.

What’s your holiday legacy?

When you look back over the course of the holiday seasons that you have participated in (or just barely survived) over the course of your life – what do you notice?

Are your holiday seasons difficult to navigate or full of overwhelm?

Do you struggle with making yourself a priority or continuing with your self-love or self-care rituals when the pressure is on?

When peaceful eating coach Christie Inge and I dreamed up this class, we were carefully mindful of our own personal holiday experiences and fueled by the knowledge that there is another way.

A better way.

A more peaceful way.

A way deeply immersed in love, respect, and care for yourself.

A way directed by your inner wisdom, that spark of light in your heart that, if listened to, will show you the way toparticipating in your life on your own terms.

This is a themed holiday class, but the lessons embedded within this recording are the best of what we have to offer in regards to loving yourself fully all year long.

When you click to purchase this product, you will receive:

A 90 minute recording of Christie Inge + yours truly offering up our best tips, truths + tools for remaining true to yourself, always
Pre-work to gear you up for really digging deep into where you’ve been + what you want YOUR holiday season to feel like
Three post-work worksheets: on developing your baseline for self-care, setting boundaries, and grounding yourself in self-love

Here’s the thing. We’ve had many heart-wrenching, painful, stressful holiday seasons under our belt – weeks, events, and memories where we were unable or unwilling to put ourselves first or consider our own needs. It is my most heartfelt hope that this product works to help begin to develop a different way for yourself. A way truly grounded in identifying and meeting your own needs. A way immersed in knowledge of and respect for your body. A way that uniquely reflects the ways that YOU like to connect with others, celebrate, and participate merrily.

I absolutely believe that this reality is possible for you – no matter what you’ve encountered or survived before.

This digital soul-balm is for you if…

  • You are ready to enjoy the holidays on your own terms instead of dread them.
  • You love a pragmatic approach to self-development (and aren’t bothered by straight talk or gorgeously explicit language).
  • You are ready to make the beautiful decision to prioritize your own happiness – in all situations and circumstances.
  • You want to hear the inner workings of how Christie + I made these huge shifts in our own lives (as well as what we were doing that didn’t help).

Enjoy Your Holidays Without Losing Your Shit 90 minute class + worksheet: $35



Refund policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order.