The Deep Exhale

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For 31 Days…

Find pleasure in the consistency of receiving your own care.

Commit yourself to doing things your own way.

Surrender to the rhythm of meeting your needs.

Give yourself permission to take up space in your own life.

Rest. Unapologetically. 

Welcome, love. Start here.

After listening to the audio, start to feel the tension in your shoulder blades soften. Feel your neck lengthen as your shoulders ease away from your ears. Feel your feet on the ground. There is space here for you to put down everything that you’ve been carrying.

The Deep Exhale is a journey for women who are ready to rest.

Women who are exhausted physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Women who feel zapped of their innate ability to show up in their lives they way that they might want to.

Women who may resist rest at every turn, but realize on some level that they are no longer able to continue doing so.

Women yearning to be awake and ready for transformation.

Women who want to create the lives (and businesses) that they want without sacrificing their own care.

The Deep Exhale was the most gentle and most revolutionary course I have done. Mara is an amazing guide; through her daily emails, periodic videos, accessible questions and invitations, I felt lovingly prompted and supported to take the steps toward rest and self-care I that I had been wanting to take but unsure of how to take.

– Kathryn

This class is for you if you are there thinking:

I don’t have time. I couldn’t possibly. Must be nice to be able to relax. I have too much to do. Everyone is depending on me. I have to hold it all together, all the time. Sounds amazing, but…

The Deep Exhale teaches you to rewrite your stories about what it means to receive your own care.

When you enroll in this class, be prepared to spend the month of devoting yourself to rest, sustenance, community, PLAY, and the deeply sacred practice of being a human on your own terms.

Uncommonly tender and ferociously true, The Deep Exhale is about filling yourself up.

Know this: the more you fill yourself up… the less room you have for fear and doubt. 

When we started this, I didn’t believe you. I didn’t believe rest would lead to showing up for life in a completely different way. But you were right. I’m going through transformation I never ever thought was possible. Thank you for being aware of your own magic and letting me in. – Marisa

the deep exhale

The Deep Exhale Materials

At the end of this class you will know – in your bones and in your heart – that you deserve to have your needs met.

(And you will have some dynamite practices in your pocket to support this knowing moving forward.)

The Goods

  • 31 daily missives, video lessons & guided meditations delivered to your inbox
  • Invitations prompting you to experiment with your beliefs around deserving & rest
  • A beautiful PDF of the materials to review whenever your heart desires

The Structure

As this is an on demand e-course, the emails will arrive in a weekly cycle beginning the day after you sign-up.

The cycle is as follows…

Open: Introduces the theme for the week with a bit of poetry, inspiration, and heart-opening resolve

Learn: A special video lesson on the core tenets of cultivating a restful lifestyle

Act: A Call for one (delightfully simple) inspired action

Reflect: Guided meditations in your inbox first thing, to soothe you and help you embody the course material

Invitation: Subtle (and brilliant) invitations to experiment with restoring your energy over the weekend

Love & Encouragement: Love notes, cheerleading, and sweet encouragement from my heart to yours

A Note: All of these activities, lessons, and invitations are designed to take up 5 – 15 minutes per day. This is not another thing to put on your to do list. So much will be gained from this course by simply opening up the email, reading its contents, and allowing it to integrate into your consciousness.


Once you’re in with us, you’re in for life.

That means that whenever I run The Deep Exhale in the future you will receive an invitation to participate again, free of charge.

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Participating in The Deep Exhale gave me the courage to listen to myself, even when I have a hard time acting on what I hear. I made gigantic connections with things I’ve been working on in my own therapy for years. And I made small changes that have already had huge impacts. The 10-15 minutes a day I gave to myself by reading your emails, watching the videos, listening to the meditations, and writing, reflecting, observing, and listening were the most healing and impactful things I’ve done in years. – Rebecca

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The Deep Exhale is a revolution.

This is not your average e-course.

It is a rising tide of women who are no longer willing to pray at the altar of busy. Women who are ready to amplify their capacity for living vibrantly by taking delicious care of themselves. Women who want to connect with one another about the beautiful things that light them up – instead of comparing mountainous to do lists.

In the name of conserving your energy, there isn’t a Facebook group for this course. In fact, there won’t be any busy work at all. There will be no bullshit. No bonuses that will clog up your desktop until you final sigh and drag them to your trash.

Tuned in and pared down, The Deep Exhale only includes the ease, simplicity, and radiant love that you need to start crafting a more relaxing, fulfilling life.

That said, we are going to need one another if we are going to truly learn to believe that we deserve to usher more rest into our daily lives. There is strength in our numbers. There is power that is generated when we share our truths with one another. During this experience, we are going to need the pleasure of a dynamic community.

Before this class, I knew I needed to rest but I had genuinely no idea how much I resisted it on a daily basis. Once I prioritized rest, I started getting better. My body had the chance to start healing. – Jamie

Introducing, The League of Tender Stewards. 

Over the course of the 31 days, you will be invited to gather on Instagram to share the truth of your journey to rest through quick images and (self) loving words. In this space, you will find a community of past entries to buoy you up by celebrating REST. This is where our group gathers and circles, virtually and in our own timing, using the hashtag #thedeepexhale to share in this journey together.

(And yes, this part is blissfully optional. During this class we will explore connecting online in a way that is filled with  intention and community, instead of the mindless scrolling that we do when we are yearning for rest. Give yourself permission to participate in your own way, on your own terms.)

Thank you for this beautiful course.  It has opened my heart and life to knowing when enough is enough and that it’s my enough – and that I will not compare or feel guilt while witnessing someone else! – Roni

What Happens After You Sign Up

After you click the sparkly YES button below…

  • You will be taken to a screen where you can pay for The Deep Exhale with either Paypal or major credit card
  • After paying, you will be ushered to a page thanking you for signing-up – and receive an email welcoming you
  • If you don’t receive the email within an hour, please check your spam/promotions folder to retrieve it or email me
  • You will receive the very first course email the following morning at 5 am ET

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What most surprised me about The Deep Exhale was how gentle it was. Mara offers so much power in granting permission, but it’s so far away from being aggressive or requiring something beyond you. Every email brings a tiny release (though some of them are much bigger), a small step towards being everything you are. It’s a slow revolution, but it runs deep. – Jenny Hyde

You may be wondering…

What if my boss thinks I’m not as good of a worker if I actually take care of myself by resting?

If I’m not a perfectionist then I won’t get everything done, right?

How do I balance my needs and desires with the expectations of others?

These is are the questions that we will be pulling apart in this class, because I can guarantee to you that you aren’t alone here. The number one thing that keeps us from taking up the space and rest that we need is the fear that everyone else will think we’re doing a bad job.

During this class, you will be guided how to take it slowly, starting bit by bit, as you become comfortable.

But, for today, ask yourself… What IF I’m not best in every moment? What if my needs are inconvenient? What might I gain by giving myself the rest that I ache for?

And most importantly: What might be possible for me if I wasn’t trying to please everyone around me all the time?

This truly is the muck of it.

Over the next 31 days, I will hold your hand as you walk this path towards yourself. By the end of the course I can promise you that you will experience greater clarity and ease in answering these questions.

When I signed up for The Deep Exhale, it was because I wanted to find a way to make my hectic life seem a little less frazzled. But Mara had no tips about calendars or ways to maximize efficiency. She offered instead the chance to discover a hundred things about myself that had created the hectic life I was leading; I realized things that had been in my heart that I hadn’t even been consciously aware of. I was able to change, not my schedule, but my whole approach to my life, and I don’t know that I would ever have reached that point if Mara hadn’t started asking me questions. It’s made more of a difference than I can say. Thank you, Mara! – ShaeC

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to participate in The Deep Exhale?

Access to a computer, high speed internet, an email account, and the sweet desire to learn how to rest deeply. That’s it!

And yes, we will also be hanging out on Instagram, but it is totally optional. 

Can I give The Deep Exhale as a gift?

Absolutely, you generous thing you. Simply email me to set this up.

Other questions? 

Email me at

Big Love for The Deep Exhale

This has been such a re-affirming and encouraging, empowering course. As someone with a chronic illness (Multiple Sclerosis), it’s been really helpful in silencing my guilt critic in my head when I’ve needed to rest, and also to strengthen my resolve when asking folks to understand. Thank you for the Deep Exhale, Mara; your presence on this course was wholehearted, nurturing and supportive. Many blessings to you! – Heather K. Veitch, Holistic Goddess

Participating in The Deep Exhale allowed me to examine my patterns of pushing myself to my limits and beyond and of getting caught up in the culture of urgency and to do lists. I was able to truly rest and sink deeply into my own wellbeing. I created spaciousness in my schedule. I remembered to breathe. I reconnected with my body and released deep grief. If you have the opportunity to participate in this gorgeous offering, join in. Your whole being will thank you. – Tanya Levy, MSW, RSW, CCC, Heartlady Inspiration

The biggest thing that I took was that I had been treating my whole life like I had been trained as an attorney – jump at every request. Take care of everyone and everything and sweat the details. I had already learned that this way of working made me sick (literally, autoimmune disease from stress, as well as constant colds and flus), but I hadn’t realized I was doing this with my friends and family to the same extent. By focusing on my own needs, for rest, for joy, for play, I was better able to see this. My big lesson from this class: being compassionate does not mean being co-dependent. I can be a kind and caring person and put my own needs first. – Maggie

You’ve nailed it, Mara.  Signed, sealed, delivered on a care-package of rest mailed straight to my heart. Where have you been all my working life?  Or maybe more honestly, when did I stop generously responding to the cat calls and pleading from my body to make rest a non-negotiable?   Thank you for creating the space to have this conversation, for writing and speaking with clarity (and such beauty) on a topic that is often filled with more guilt than with tangible, inspired action.

My heart is opening, the walls are softening, and finally, I’m saying yes to a deep, full, nourishing exhale. – Amy

What I remember of participating in TDE is not being sure that so-called “rest” (as I thought of it) was what I really needed — like, maybe I just needed better productivity methods? But through the course, I could see where I was getting that totally backwards, and I was also finding reasons, need, and opportunities for rest in unexpected moments and corners of my life. My memory of the sweetness of rest and using it as a form of pleasure and power in my life is something I still return to.  – Carolyn

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