Exposed: One Year Later

October 12, 2010

One year ago today, the amazing and very brave Mish from Eating Journey EXPOSED herself to the world for the very first time. This unbelievable act of bravery has inspired 60 other bloggers to follow in her footsteps – each choosing to expose themselves in ways that were unique to them and their audience. I am extremely grateful to each and everyone of those very honest wonderful bloggers for their courage and strength, and have found the Exposed movement to be one of my absolute favorite body image inspiration.

I followed in suit, about seven months later with my own exposed post, and I remember trembling as my fingers pressed the publish button. Exposing yourself in any regard is never an easy thing to do, but I have found in my experience both online and in real life that blunt honesty and true authenticity is always rewarded by the kindness and unbelievable love from strangers and friends alike. My exposed photo looked a little bit like this:

I’m so proud of and excited for Mish to be celebrating the one year anniversary of her beautiful idea that has gone a LONG way in helping people to love their bodies more and more, as well as inspiring a community to share and positively reinforce one another. And LUCKILY for us – the movement will never be over! I encourage you to write your own exposed posts, allowing yourself to free up a little bit of the space in your heart that is choked up with body shame and negative memories, and invite us all in to love you up and support you in your battle to better your body image.

Please, please check out Mish’s anniversary post and her renewed and AWESOME exposed pics – she continues to be such an inspiration for me.

What courageous things have you guys been up to this week?? Also, PLEASE, link up in the comments if you choose to jump on the exposed bandwagon so that we can all run on over and show you some love. 


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