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Self-love Coach. Masters Level Clinical Social Worker.
Memoirist + Blogger. Hula Hooping Heroine.

Fitbloggin 2012

Self-Acceptance + Weight Loss Discussion Facilitators

Karen C.L. Anderson

I am the Acceptance Whisperer, as well as an author and blogger. I work with women who want to learn how to love and trust their bodies so they can come to a natural, healthy weight. I use such practices as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and FasterEFT, and I am a certified Food Psychology Coach through The Spencer Institute.

Self-acceptance is the cornerstone of my work, both with myself and with others. Since 2005, which when I awoke to the concept of self-acceptance and realized that I had spent most of my life actively NOT accepting myself, it has been my mission to live it out loud. My book, AFTER (the before & after): a real life story of weight loss, weight gain, and weightlessness through total acceptance, is the story of my journey.

Practicing self-acceptance has been the single most powerful aspect of my life.

Shauna Reid

I’m an Australian writer living in Scotland. I told the tale of my 175lb weight loss in The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl (Harper Collins) and have blogging since 2001 at I’m also co-creator of Up & Running online running courses, where alongside renowned coach Julia Jones, I help women around the world of all shapes and sizes start running.

My self-acceptance journey began when I realized writing The End on my book manuscript hadn’t lead to the end of my emotional eating roller coaster. After depression and weight gain I knew it was time to explore a deeper, kinder approach. It’s been a liberating and enlightening adventure ever since!

Mara Glatzel

I am a self-love coach + author of Body Loving Homework: Writing Prompts for Cultivating Self-Love. I work with women who are ready to create the lives they want — and deserve. My blog — Medicinal Marzipan — has inspired thousands of women to heal their relationships with their bodies, and treat themselves with relentless compassion. Catch up with me on Facebook, twitter, or join my body-loving mailing list for secret swapping and insider news.

I came to self-acceptance, truly, through having no other choice. I was exhausted from fighting with my body, devising schemes to rid myself of my weight, playing small, and not believing that I deserved much of anything. One day, I made the profound decision to believe that there was a different way – a way that was paved by working with my body instead of against it and a way that celebrated all of the good that I had to offer the world around me.

I realized that self-acceptance wasn’t about giving up, it was about giving in to the belief that I deserved more out of my life than I was allowing myself.

The goods, as promised:

Oooh and PLEASE feel free to send this book to anyone and everyone that you think it will help – truly.

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Welcome! I’m Mara.

I’m Mara Glatzel. I’m an intuitive coach and writer. I guide women home to themselves and teach them to create lives brimming with supreme self-care. read more
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