Gather :: A Yearlong Community for Women



Gather is a yearlong community for women who are yearning for connection and support in learning how to access their own deepest levels of radiant love in cultivating an intentional, vibrant life.

Our work together will be… Sacredly pragmatic. Grounding.  Deliciously messy. Intimate. 

Starting December 31st, we will begin exploring these questions…

What do I want?

How can I summon all of my internal resources (with the help of a rock steady guide) to believe that I deserve what I want?

How can I be brave enough to ask for what I want… out loud and in the presence of others?

And, what are the first (or next) bold steps that I’m ready to take in that direction?

Over the course of the year, our sacred circle of women will walk this path together.

Over the course of the year and as a member of this circle, you will receive the best of what I have to offer – in the name of supporting you as you come home to yourself.

Over the course of the year, you will begin to feel remarkably at home in the life that you are creating for yourself.

This work is about cultivating unshakable self-worth.

This work is about navigating transition beautifully… which is very different than navigating it perfectly.

This work is about learning how to understand your place in the family of things – the way that your moods and energy levels are guided by the moon, tide, and natural surroundings that you are a part of.

This work is about circling with like-minded individuals and softening into the deep sign of (finally) belonging.

This work is about exploring your feminine creativity and tapping into your own brilliant intuition as your greatest inspiration and power source as you work to take action fueled by enthusiasm.


Divine Details

Gather is an intimate, 12-month group for 12 women who are yearning for monthly energetic support, guidance, and community.

As a member of Gather, you will receive…

Monthly Intuitive Coaching + Energy Healing Sessions

You will have the opportunity to meet with me monthly for private mentorship sessions, which will include intuitive coaching and Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT) energy healing or chart work for your intentions. This energy healing will help you gain luminous clarity on your intentions for your life or business, and it will begin to clear out the energetic baggage that you may be carrying that isn’t aligned with your new intention.

An Invitation to Our Private Facebook Circle

The most dynamic piece of our gathering will occur on a daily basis in our private Facebook circle. This will be a place for us to connect with one another and share in celebrations, witnessing fears, and receiving support from our community.

Group Calls

Once a month, we will be jamming all together on a monthly group call about intention, creativity, defining the edges of our own femininity, and living beautiful lives. We will determine the time of our group calls together once Gather begins to make sure to find a time that fits.

A Live Gathering

In the Fall, we will be gathering live for a private 4-day Restore Retreat on Cape Cod. This event is totally optional, but will be absolutely gorgeous, cozy, and soul-quenching. The actual weekend will be chosen by the group once the group has formed.

And, all you’ll have to pay for is your transportation.

Special Treats

If you’ve ever taken a course or worked with me privately – you know that sending love in the mail is one of my favorite ways to connect. As a member of our circle, you will receive a sweet care package and handwritten love note from me to usher in each season that we circle together.

The group will also receive special content created by me – including private, for-your-eyes-only writing, prompts, videos, and inspiration – for us to move through together.

In short, you’ll have intimate access to the best of what I provide, all year long.

Damn that feels good to write. You’re going to love it.

This round of Gather is full to the brim!

this round of gather is full to the


This group is for you, if…

…you have been looking for something that allows you to feel supported and grounded as you navigate your daily life.

…you are ready to fully experience the brilliance of learning to receive your own love.

…you have been carrying the belief that you are too much – too sensitive, to reactionary, too needy, too difficult.

…you know that you would benefit from loving guidance and energy support to help you take things to the next level.

…you want to learn how to make decisions peacefully.

…you have been yearning to truly learn how to nurture and nourish yourself, giving your inner child a place to play.

…you are ready to take root and grow.

…you are hungry for a community to belong to, as you simultaneously learn to belong to yourself.

…you have been waiting for the space to say… this is what I want. 

…you are on the precipice of taking delicious (and tangible) action in your daily life.

…you are ready to be loved for who you are, instead of feeling like you have to make yourself useful to earn love.

Gather is a group for women who have been walking around the world feeling the tug of their unacknowledged desires. Women who are standing at the brink and have been hungry for a gathering of wildly creative and supportive creative feminine energy to hold them as they take the next steps in creating a life that lights them up.


About Mara

I am a woman who is hungry for growth, deep restoration, inspired action, messy edges, and improper conversation.

I am woman who burnt herself out on perfection. On competition and pushing others down so that I could get ahead. On drinking a zillion cups of coffee to wind myself up so that I could plow through a(nother) to-do list brimming with things I couldn’t care less about.

I am a woman who believes in the power of yearning.

maraI am a woman who believes that being is just as important as doing.

I am woman was born to draw communities of powerful, brilliant women together to experiment with desire, play with ambition, and support one another, wholeheartedly.

Over the last three years, I have led thousands of women to cultivate greater levels of self-love, self-trust, and radical self-responsibility.

My intuitive coaching is a combination of gorgeous skills gleaned from my Masters in Clinical Social Work, energy healing tools acquired through working with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT), Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – and the bits of brilliance that I’ve picked up learning how to live my own life with intention and unshakable self-worth.

I have done this work. I continue to do this work. And, I want to invite you to gather with me as we do this work together.

Big Love From the Last Round of Gather

My favorite part of Gather was the calls. I never wanted to miss one. I just LOVED getting to hear the voices of these women! I loved the experience of hearing voices, getting to talk in real time. There were a few where people really opened up, and it was so beautiful and touching, and others where it was just so fun! I think those calls really helped me feel close to these ladies, and to you, in a really important way. In a way that goes beyond a computer screen.

I want to say thank you… thank you thank you thank you for doing the work yourself, first, and believing in yourself enough to get to creating this course. I have learned so much about myself… it truly exceeded all expectations. – Carey

You’re so wise, Mara, and so authentic. I trust you, and I believe you when you tell me that you believe in me. That is an intoxicating feeling. You blow my mind with your sound advice, your beautiful encouragement, and your blend of practicality and magic. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am eternally grateful for the group and the safe space that you created.

The calls were incredible. It made everyone more real, and I spent the rest of the day smiling. The Facebook group became a daily landing spot for me. I loved our daily check-ins and our practices and the energetic needs structure and all of it, really. I also LOVED those days and weeks and times where this diverse group of women shared these incredible similarities. It made me so so happy and really helped me feel less alone.  – Maggie M.

During Gather, I started scheduling time for solitude each week. Having that time to do whatever calls to me makes such a difference. I often do something creative, sometimes I just relax, reflect + drink tea. I’ve started to prioritize how I spend my time and energy. Saying ‘No’ to social engagements that aren’t fulfilling. Giving myself permission to be choosy about who I give my energy to.

I really enjoyed the daily practices, joyful experimentation, the community of amazing women, all of it! But, my absolute favorite part? The content. A lot of the topics I learned about in Gather were new to me or were topics that I hadn’t given too much thought to before. I love Mara’s writing – it’s creative, smart, genuine. I’m grateful to have her experience and guidance through these topics. Also, I really love the videos and video love notes. They are amazing! – Erica E. 


Your Questions, Answered

How big will this group be?

I believe that the amount of women who sign-up and feel called to participate in a particular group is always the exact right amount. That said, there is a maximum of twelve spots open for this group – so that, together, we make up a cozy group of 13.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the energy healing work? I’ve never done anything like that before…

I’m so glad that you asked! As a CCT Practitioner, energy work is integral to each and every session that I have with my clients. This energetic component allows sessions to be super-charged and radically transformational. During our call, we will formulate an intention for moving forward based on our conversation before doing the healing live in the last ten minutes of the call. The energy healing will help you gain luminous clarity on your intentions for your life or business, and it will begin to clear out the energetic baggage that you may be carrying that isn’t aligned with your new intention.

I’m an entrepreneur. Can we work on business stuff too?

I often do hybrid coaching with entrepreneurs, focusing both on “life stuff” and “business stuff” simultaneously. I am a holistic coach and believe deeply that how we do one thing… tends to be how we do everything else too. In our work together, we will be able to seamlessly approach the things that you are struggling with, no matter which sphere it is showing up in.

Why do I have to apply?

I am using an application process for this circle to ensure that every participant is a beautiful fit for this kind of work. Working together for the duration of a year includes not only a financial investment, but also energetic and time investments. This is not to bar anyone from entry, but to make sure that this type of format is aligned with your desires and intentions for the year ahead.

Also, it provides me an opportunity to get a good feel for what you’re hoping for from our group format, so that I can custom tailor it to the group’s needs.

How do the monthly payments work?

To secure your seat in Gather, you will be asked to make a deposit of $347 to hold your spot. After that, you are committing to automatic monthly payments to begin in January. (You will end up with 11 payments, January – November 2015, as your December payment was made when you joined, for 12 payments in total.)

That said, I am absolutely open to working with you and letting you choose what day of the month works best for you to set these payments up for the year.

What if I want to leave the group part way through the year?

I will, of course, honor your desire to leave the group, but will ask that you hop on the phone with me to discuss what may not be serving you in the group to see if we can resolve that piece to help support you better. As community is a very important element to our circle, I will not be adding anyone into the group mid-year to take your place. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you have about what this group will be like ahead of time, so that when you sign yourself up, you feel really good about your choice.

What if I can’t make a call?

Don’t fret! Every group call will be recorded and sent out to the group within 24 hours, so you will be able to enjoy our group call even if something comes up and you can’t join us live.

What if I’m not on Facebook?

The mainstay of this group’s daily conversation will occur on Facebook, as it is a tool that many of us use already. This will allow you to check-in without going having to move to a separate page and will help you stay engaged. You do not need to be an active Facebook user to be in this course, but you need an account to check-in with us.

What if I need a different payment plan? Or, if I want to pay for all twelve months now?

If you need a different payment plan or want to chat with me about how to make this financially possible for you, please send me an email.

If you’d prefer to pay for all twelve months at once so that you can just sit back and relax, that is perfectly ok! Just send me an email and I will set this up for you.

But… I’m scared! 

It is really natural to feel a little apprehensive about diving into this work! As human beings we become extremely cozy in our lives – even when we are really desiring for things to shift or be different. I promise you that this work is gentle and supportive. I will challenge you and invite you to take steps towards the life that you are imagining for yourself, but I will also be there to support you, every step of the way.

this round of gather is full to the