Meet Mara

Our daily lives are inundated with choices.

We get to choose to keep doing things the way that we always have, in the life that has happened to and is happening to us.

Or, we can choose to become.

Becoming is the mystery door. It is the path that we walk home to ourselves. It is the external alignment with our internal truths.

Becoming is about getting curious about your life. It is about distilling to the essential.

The core principles are: self-love, self-trust, and radical self-responsibility.


Like many women who arrive on my virtual doorstep, I used to passively wade through my life. I never stopped to think about what my values were or what kind of life I was craving.

Instead, I quietly and uneasily walked the path that unfolded in front of me. I got the undergraduate degree that I was expected to, gathering good grades and accolades for my hard work. I moved on to grad-school. I got the big fancy degree from the big fancy school. I married someone lovely and attractive in a fairy tale wedding with mason jars and tablescapes.

Despite my best efforts, I continued to feel dis-ease at being in my body. I cultivated plan upon plan to lose weight. To fix myself. To remedy the broken feeling and the not-enoughness and the fear that somewhere deep down I was unworthy. I screamed at cars in traffic, my road-rage permitting a convenient outlet for the anger I felt at not being at home in my life. I cried in dressing rooms when the clothes didn’t fit. I yelled at my partner because it was easier than admitting that I was deeply dissatisfied. I said yes when I wanted to say no, but beneath the polite smile I was simmering with resentment and trampled upon boundaries.

I told myself that I liked my life.

I came to realize: It was a nice life, but it wasn’t my life.

I was deeply hungry for :: play, spontaneity, unbridled laughter, time for taking supreme care of myself, adventure, organic cotton everything, delicious food, toe-curling romance, space to move around in my life, and a divine purpose.

I believed on many levels that this was asking for too much, and that I should have gratitude for what I had. Everywhere I looked there were things that I had to do, but I couldn’t find the motivation to do them.

I was subsisting on :: bleary-eyed computer filled days, a profound lack of sleep, constantly feeling like I was going to get in trouble for being who I was, convenience food – eaten standing up, and panicking about what was next.

I quickly found myself getting rowdy at my core. I found myself wanting something that was outside of the bounds of the conventional trappings I had wrapped myself with. Underneath my carefully curated existence, I was unbearably restless.

I wanted something that was all my own.

In 2012, I finally asked myself: What do you really want?

The answer, my heartbeat: Space to move. Space to breathe. A life that reflects me. A life that leaves me breathless and shining brightly. Belly laughs. Sex with the lights on and a deep acceptance of my own skin. A business of my own creation. A tribe of women falling messily and beautifully in love with their lives.


In that moment, I had made the commitment to repair the undercurrent of boredom – the deep yearning that I hadn’t had the words to describe. Over time, I was able to discover who I was, what lit me up, and what I really wanted out of my life.

It was the work of cultivating an unshakable relationship with myself, of tapping into my divine purpose and standing in my power, for the first time in my life. It was about forgiving and freeing myself. It was about accepting all of my parts – even (and especially) the ones that I was ashamed of.

Truth. Vulnerability. Bravery. Creation.

Those words have become my anchor and my relationship with myself has become the steady foundation upon which everything else is built.

At the core, now: I trust myself. I trust in my decisions. I trust that the things that light me up are leading me forward, allowing me to become more aligned with who I am and with my divine purpose on this planet.

In this virtual classroom, I guide other women into the fiery depths of their own beautiful spirits. I am a beacon and a permission-granting rabble-rouser.

I am: luxurious, soft, and practical.

I am whole.

I love: gem tones, magical realism, birds of prey, stripes, padlocks, sparkle, and songs that I know all of the words to, sung at top volume in my car.

And, above all else, I am so grateful that you found your way here.

The Compass + Coaching Philosophy

In this life, there are very few things that you have to do.

This life is built upon the internal infrastructure of radical self-responsibility.

This life is fueled by doing what I say I’m going to do. Showing up. Dressing Up. Talking fast and embracing my peculiarities.

This life is a series of well-intentioned choices and a relaxed relationship with outcome.


The Work

I work with women that have the sacred (and beautifully stubborn) desire for evolution.

I hold space for their brilliance. I witness their becoming.

I consider this work to be part midwife and part divine party coordinator. Support staff. Hype man. Guide. Intuit. Healer. Holder of the unholdable and lover of the unlovable.

I work with women who are ready to take responsibility for their lives and give themselves permission to become the people that they were born to be.

Work with me 1:1  I  Online classes + Retreats