Needy :: The Web Series

You matter.

The quality of your life matters.

Sacrificing your needs to get ahead isn’t the only way to get things done.

Needy is a frank conversation about what your needs are and why they are important.

Over the course of eight episodes, we will explore the brilliance of tending to your needs consistently, messily, and sustainably, so that you have more energy to live your life.

New episodes air Thursdays at 1 pm Eastern on Facebook Live.

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Season One

Episode One: Why should I bother meeting my needs?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • Why tending to our needs is our secret superpower
  • Balancing the cycle of rest and creation
  • The gigantic ramifications of not tending to your needs

Episode Two: How do I tend to myself when it feels like the world is falling apart?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • Why our needs deserve our attention now more than ever
  • Nourishing your personal power
  • Being of service to the world around you from a place of grounded strength

Bonus Resource – Tending to Your Resistance workshop

Episode Three: How do I figure out what I need?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • The benefits of cultivating a sound and trustworthy relationship with yourself
  • Creating a simple morning routine
  • What your shadow feelings are trying to teach you about your needs

Episode Four: How do I trust myself to know what my needs are?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • Earning your own trust
  • The true benefit of showing up and following through
  • The Tinkerbell analogy – clap if you believe

Episode Five: How do I stop feeling guilty or selfish for taking care of myself?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • The cycle of tending and worthiness (which is actually a downward spiral)
  • How your self-care impacts your ability to contribute in meaningful ways
  • The truth that not caring for yourself is selfish and not the other way around

Episode Six: How do I retain a sense of worth if I stop over-delivering?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • The shadow and light spectrum of personal attributes
  • Shifting to an internal center of validation and self-worth
  • The cycle that keeps us over-delivering (& how to be compassionate with ourselves)

Episode Seven: How do I keep my eyes on my own mat & stop worrying about everybody else’s feelings?

In this episode I discuss…

  • A boundaries primer & defining your realm of responsibility
  • How to not be a hot potato collector
  • What to do when worrying meets mind reading

Episode Eight: How do I stop agreeing to a life that inherently undermines my needs?

In this episode, I discuss…

  • Shifting your paradigm to one aligned with honoring your needs
  • Finding your chorus of YES
  • Creating boundaries to support your new reality

Next Steps

If you’re ready to dive in more deeply, I’ve got your back.

Dip a toe in

Skeddadle on over here to scoop up a glorious (and gloriously FREE) ebook full of prompts and gentle guidance for unearthing your needs and summoning the bravery to start tending to them.

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Drench yourself in glorious and sustainable self-care

Sign yourself up for my signature program, Tend.

Tend is a 9-month circle for women who want to find a natural rhythm of self-care that easily fits into their lives. This delicious group coaching excursion is for women who can’t seem to stop putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Women who feel selfish asking for what they want. Women who have been trying to do it alone, but are hungry for community that lifts them up.

Over the course of our time together, I will teach you how to identify, honor, and advocate for your needs with ease and grace, so that you can have your own back no matter what happens in the world around you.

When you believe that your needs matter (and stop pushing yours to the bottom of your to-do list), your needs stand a glorious chance of being met, each and every time.

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Tell Your Peeps

If there is someone in your life that would benefit from listening to these deep conversations about self-worth and self-care, I would be ever so grateful if you passed Needy along to them!

My ultimate intention with this work is to make sure that more women all over the world have the tools to be able to tend to themselves imperfectly and consistently. I believe that more tending means more women having the capacity to show up as the fullest expression of themselves and be of service to the world in the way that only they are able. That is BIG work and I need your help to get these conversations into as many hands as possible.

Thank you m’dear. I super appreciate you.


About Your Host

Mara Glatzel is an intuitive coach, energy worker, and writer who teaches women how to figure out what they need and gather the courage to ask for it.  She believes that identifying, honoring, and advocating for their needs with ease and grace is utterly possible, even for mere mortals.

She firmly believes that we are allowed to start again whenever we need to – mid-morning, mid-bite, whenever the mood strikes.

At the core of her work is the desire to live a well-intentioned life, which means… more joy, grit, and vibrant imperfection to spare.