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Self-love Coach. Masters Level Clinical Social Worker.
Memoirist + Blogger. Hula Hooping Heroine.


The thing I love about working with Mara is that I always end up feeling like I’ve just gotten a booster shot of energy and inspiration after each interaction. It’s the kind of thing I think everyone should experience especially if you’re diving into the business of working for yourself. Taking that flying leap into the unknown has a giant fear factor for me, and the terror of it all can sometimes sweep me under. Mara has this way of being my own personal cheerleader without the over-the-top cheers and pompoms. Her coaching is a gentle reminder that that even when it’s scary, I’ve got this. And it helps to know that not only do I have someone in my corner but I have someone in my corner who’s full of juicy tidbits to keep me inspired and excited while I’m at it.

Mara is without a doubt a key reason I found enough confidence to finally put my ducks in a row, figure out what I needed and turn my little dream of a creative business into a reality. Her energy is infectious, and that is especially valuable when you’re tied up in the nitty-gritty of the land of business and your life in general.

Working with Mara has been an absolute pleasure and privilege. To feel so safe when talking about such deeply personal issues and to be met with such genuine care, kindness and warmth has been an incredible experience.

Mara is the best friend that listens objectively, reflects what you’ve said, and prompts you to answer the important questions that you know need to be answered. Mara creates a safe and encouraging space to explore these answers and truly believes in her client’s strength to create any life that they imagine.


I think about Body Loving Homework every day. Nothing else that I have tried or gotten for myself or read has been as consistently on my thoughts as BLH. And thinking of BLH reminds me that I’ve established a baseline for self-care and reminds me to stick to it!

The 10 weeks flew by, and I’ll admit, I struggled to keep up sometimes, but the genuis of BLH is that the “work” is never done. During the course, something came up just about weekly that gave me a chance to use the new skills I was developing in BLH. I’m still using these skills–and now I have a community of women who did the class with me as a new and glorious support network.

This class works because of Mara. Mara’s words struck a deep chord for me. Watching the videos, I had so many “aha” moments where I couldn’t help but nod along, whether I was listening to them in my kitchen or at the gym. Mara is so present and empathetic in her coaching. I felt safe with her immediately. This is hard work, and you need an incredible woman like Mara on your side while you’re doing it!

Over the course of BLH, I realized that I love my job and gave myself permission to enjoy work again, and I realized that my apartment wasn’t working for me and recently moved into a new place. This course touched every aspect of my life… which sounds like over-promising, but is so real! I had all these realizations because I was writing so often that I was able to hear myself again. Doing the Body Loving Homework course was a great gift to myself.

The course came at a perfect time for me– just relocated and fighting feelings of not deserving and loneliness. I was excited and ready for the opportunity to reinvent myself, with a little help! Mara’s work is attentive, kind and gentle. I LOVED the writing prompts! When responding to the prompts I would write about whatever was coming up for me at the time– a lot of surface stuff. It was the further questions and coaching that worked best for me. It opened up a space for me to really sit with what was truly going on, to dig deep and create change.

- Amy W.


I love questions. Hard ones, soft ones, big ones…and these ones.

Mara’s love-stirring inquiry will be the best homework you ever gave yourself.

What I most enjoyed about Body Loving Homework is it doesn’t feel like homework. It feels like a massively kind invite to celebrate who I am, underneath all the gunk that gets collected via aging and media and being hard on myself. It’s beautiful, spacious, and a loving transmission of permission to be. I am giving it to my 18th year old daughter too – maybe she will see her thighs as the beautiful strong miracles they are.