Body Loving Homework

Welcome to Body Loving Homework. This is an online writing series created with the express intention of bettering our relationships with our bodies through creative means, including, but not limited to, writing and performance.

It has been my experience that writing through the use of prompts, within a community that supports and cherishes your needs and accomplishments, can have a profound effect on your understanding of your body and your relationship to it. These assignments can provide an important way to revisit painful and traumatic moments in your life where you perhaps felt disempowered, and reclaim them with your own words, or help you articulate moments of greatness to create better understanding of your emotions.

If you are feeling brave – and you want me to post your assignment response here for others to benefit from, please let me know. I promise you nothing is too small or poorly written or dramatic to be included. The purpose is to facilitate honest and open communication between you and your body in the hopes of bettering the connection between the two. Email me, if you are so inclined.

Please Note: These prompts are meant to be addressed using free writing (or stream of conscious writing), which simply means that you put pen to paper or fingers to key board and write continuously for the allotted time. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anything! Continue writing even if you just write the same word over and over for fifteen minutes. IT WILL GET EASIER. But be careful not to self critique or edit while writing, the point is to let ourselves go completely and create an honest dialogue.

Looking for a little… more?  The day is (finally, almost) here. Body Loving Homework: Creative Writing Prompts for Cultivating Self-Love will be hitting the e-shelves mid-August. Get on the list here to be notified of its release.