Body Image Warriors

When this site began, Medicinal Marzipan was a blog about healthy living, body image, and learning to love your body better one day at a time. Through this blog I worked to compile resources about body image, and promote both dialogue and community building with other bloggers, by utilizing creative therapeutic tools, and responses from readers.

Now these topics can be varied – healthy living, fitness, food, disordered eating, body image, sex positivity, and many many more. However, if you believe in learning to love your body, creating a sex positive culture, promoting healthier relationships between your body and your mind, mending impaired body image and self esteem, and instilling confidence in your readers and blogging community – THIS BADGE IS FOR YOU.


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To put these badges on your blog, scroll along and copy the html below your desired image and past it into your sidebar. These images are 125 x 125, but by altering the width/height, you are free to make the badges as large or small as you like! Good luck!