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If you’d rather hang out with me in real time skip on over here to check out the online classes, in-person retreats, + workshops that I am offering over the next six months.

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On-Demand Products, Workshops + E-Courses


Rewired Workshop Bundles

$25 $22.50 with the code REWIREDLOVE

Mara says things in a way that sink in, so that I can access what she’s talking about and see it in myself. I’ve come so far doing this work, that I can’t really recognize the person I used to be. – ShaeC

REWIRED is a series of monthly workshops filled to the brim with the best tools and exercises that I have created to help you thrive in every facet of your daily life.

After each workshop wraps, the pre-work, recording of the live event, and companion workbook are bundled up and transported to the workshop library. This way, even if you missed one live, you can scoop it up and dig in at your leisure.



31 Days of Deserving


I found this class a wonderful, gentle nudge to review, revise and re-energize. Once we’re so into our busy lives, it’s sometimes hard to remember to breathe. This certainly accomplished that. – Maggie N.

31 Days of Deserving is an exploration into your primary relationship…the one that you have with yourself. This self-study e-course will guide you through the process of digging into and cultivating your own understanding of deserving – one email, prompt + invitation at a time.

Welcome me into your inbox for the next month for a delightful reprieve, a pause in your otherwise busy day, and an opportunity to know that you are enough, just as you are.

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Body Loving Homework: Writing Prompts for Self-Love


I love questions. Hard ones, soft ones, big ones… and these ones. Mara’s love-stirring inquiry will be the best homework you ever gave yourself. – Danielle LaPorte

One part ebook and one part digital anthology – Body Loving Homework is designed to help you use a daily journaling practice to find clarity around what you deserve out of your life.

BLH utilizes 100 writing prompts to help you begin navigating the path of focusing on your best self, and what you have to offer the world around you.
Writing can heal you. It healed me. This is the how-to manual.

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First Crush: The Pursuit of Brave (Self) Love


So beautiful – I will keep it handy always. – Sue C.

This little gem is brimming with love and inspiration for moments when you need a little extra something. Loaded with gorgeous photos and 14 love letters from my heart to yours, First Crush is a beautiful testimonial to your brilliant spirit.

This is the gift to give yourself to support yourself along your journey to self-love, self-trust, and radical self-responsibility.


Free Resources

Welcome Home :: Permission + Courage for Daily Celebration

This is your road map to devotion, ease + everyday indulgence.

Sign up to receive this free class with all of my favorite tools for learning to believe that you deserve and beginning to cultivate your own daily celebrations. Plus, a lovingly crafted workbook complete with prompts to get you putting one courageous foot in front of the other.


Women Who Celebrate

Women who Celebrate is an interview series that seeks to unleash the sheer beauty of the celebratory spirit. When I conceived of this project, I wanted to share the simple truths of how celebration can shift the trajectory of your life, allowing in more permission, more joy, and more ease.

In thinking about how to amplify some gorgeous energy around this idea, I thought it would be fabulous to interview some women that that exude a celebratory vibe about how they incorporate the act of celebrations into their daily life, what these types of rituals and ceremonies look like, and (most importantly) the positive impact of women celebrating together.


The Perfectly Imperfect Project: Real Self-Care

Self-care is everywhere these days, and yet many people seem to experience so much difficulty in being able to truly tend to their bodies and spirits. This project seeks to boil down and distill the integral aspects of self-care and engage in a conversation about the ways that we take care of ourselves on a daily basis.


Our Body Project

Our body project is a collection of personal narratives written about bodies. They range from broad declarations of body and experience to small intricate pieces focusing on body parts or functions. Most importantly, they are written and shared here in an effort to create a community for positive body image and sexual experience.

These stories are offered here to remind us that we are not alone with the pain of a distorted or negative self perception, but also to remind us, perhaps more importantly (and perhaps not) that we are not alone when we feel good, really good, in a world where people are often unaccustomed to sharing expressions of joy about their bodies.


One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began. {Mary Oliver}