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Self-love Coach. Masters Level Clinical Social Worker.
Memoirist + Blogger. Hula Hooping Heroine.

I believe in the power of ANNOUNCING what you want + deserve.

And I believe that most women — scratch that, all women — deserve so much more than we allow ourselves to have.

We deserve partnerships with enough space for our own interests, needs + desires.

We deserve careers that make us feel valued, impactful + rich, in every sense of the word.

We deserve sane, nourishing + empowering relationships with our bodies, our weight, and our definition of beauty.

And we need to have open, loving, zero-judgment conversations about what we deserve — so that we can help each other keep our most vital promises.

I’ve survived two decades of trauma — some self-inflicted, some not. From disordered eating to familial dysfunction to sexual assault, I’ve felt the depths of self-loathing — and piece by piece, day by day, I’ve learned to heal + transform my life, with relentless forgiveness, compassion + humor.

Today, I’m a writer, a master in clinical social work, and intuitive coach — and I love speaking to women about the the art of learning to love yourself. For real.

My favorite keynote, workshop + panel topics include:

: Cultivating a life filled with supreme self-care – the kind you actually follow through with + reap the glorious benefits of.

: Co-dependence, boundaries + how to anchor your own identity, even when you’re madly in love.

: Celebration as self-love in action.

: Belonging – on your own terms + by your own rules.

: What it means to keep your own promises — building self-trust, confidence + momentum.

I’ve spoken to Congressional aides in Washington DC about why the ‘war’ on obesity is seriously f*cked up.

I counseled + led workshops for undergraduate women facing eating disorders, relationship angst + existential crisises of every form + flavor.

I’ve got secrets — and stories. The kind I can lovingly share.

The kind that give listeners permission to share their own.

The kind that make us all feel less alone.

If you’re planning an event or building a curriculum around self-love, trust, confidence + head-to-toes acceptance, I’d love to be invited to the party.

Send a note to or hop over to my contact form, right here.

Barbara Meyer
Mara was a guest presenter at Green Mountain at Fox Run for a special program we called, “ Stop Waiting, Stop Hating, and Start Living.”  Through a variety of sessions, Mara invited participants to move  toward a life they deserved.  I was impressed with her ability to connect with our participants, women of all ages, most of whom are struggling with issues around eating, weight and self-kindness. 
One of her ‘superpowers’ is to speak from a place of vulnerability and power.  She embodies that.  I really appreciated how generously she shared her own struggles and journey to becoming who she is today.  Mara models what is possible, a woman at home in her own skin (much of the time), and finding authentic expression in her work and her life.

- Barbara Meyer, PhD, Program Director Green Mountain at Fox Run