Redefining Self-Care & Reclaiming Sovereignty


Stop working ON yourself and start working WITH yourself.

You can feel worthy without striving, compromising your needs, or over-delivering.

You can tell yourself the truth about what you want.

You can reclaim your energy and take up space in your own life.

The conversation begins here.


What do you need right now?

Figure out what you need + how to meet that need in a way that is deliciously DOABLE, sustainable, and kind. (I pinky promise.)

a podcast about identifying, honoring, and advocating for your needs

Dance on over here to read articles about protecting your energy, setting and maintaining boundaries, rebuilding self-trust, and belonging to yourself first and foremost.

Forget what you’ve been told you “should” need and connect with what you ACTUALLY need. Click here to receive my support in redefining how — and why — to show up for yourself.

You are not alone. You are (more than) enough. Join my inner circle for reminders of your innate, unshakable self-worth and be first in line for future opportunities to receive support.

Mara is the first person I've ever seen talk about needs + how to get them met in a deep and meaningful way. She goes SO MUCH DEEPER than 'take a bubble bath' or 'call a friend.' If you want to learn about self-care beyond the usual rhetoric and dramatically change how you relate to yourself and others, Mara's work is for you. - Sarah Von Bargen

Working with Mara has been a pleasure and joy. The calls allowed me the space to begin asking the questions of what I want my life to look like. The calls were a sacred holding space to ask questions, to ponder, and to say the hard things that were both true and needed to be said so that my truth could begin to filter into my lived experience. The coursework reinforced that, giving concrete tools and loads of permission to keep asking my own questions.

I’m finding it easier (and more automatic) to ask myself “What do I need in this moment?” It was through working with Mara that this question even has begin to be a part of my life, let alone being able to ask it regularly. Working with Mara has been a beautiful gift. – Stephanie Durnford

When I started working with Mara I was so empty, I did not think I would ever find energy again. I had been so good. I had worked so hard. I had taken care of ALL the things, and the things bit me and were still biting me. I felt broken beyond repair. Through our work together, I figured out what I needed to find the joy in my heart, the fire in my belly, and the curiosity in my brain. I now have a plan of how to love myself enough to do the things that fill me up and care about where and how I spent my energetic capacity. - Irene White

I was supported and validated. I loved how Mara opened the door and helped shine light without judgment or pressure. I understood myself and what I was going through in a deeper way and trusted that I could move forward in a way that worked well for me. - Leah Glancy

The universe consistently brings the people and things I need at just the right time, and Mara is no exception. Through working with her I have grown into a much more loving, grounded, empowered and open woman. Mara has softened some of my rougher edges, brought out more compassion in me, more trust in myself, and is helping me forge my own path in life to find my true purpose. She provides a very safe and beautiful space to do sacred work in and was very patient while I made my way through the work. - Laura Young