I believe...

  • ... in the brave hearts of women. In our elastic ability to hold and tend to more than we ever thought possible.
  • ... that we can heal ourselves with radiant love, forgiveness, and exquisite devotion.
  • ... that when women gather together, we are able to compassionately witness one another and heal as we allow ourselves to be seen.
  • ... in building this circle of truth-telling by sharing my stories honestly and with gusto.
  • ... that a remarkable life is built upon the core tenets of radical self-responsibility, self-trust, and self-love.

As an intuitive guide and energy healer, I work with women who yearn to belong to themselves. In this work, I encourage and cultivate cozy, safe spaces for daily conversations about self-compassion, truth, and chasing what lights you up.

I am a creative leader, a wild celebrator of the sacred mundane, and expert at living in my own skin with grace and ease.

At the core of my work is the desire to live a well-intentioned life, which means… more joy, grit, and vibrant imperfection to spare.

Welcome. Pull up a chair. Kick off your shoes. Lick the batter off the spoon.

Make yourself comfortably vulnerable.