27 Before 27

March 08, 2011

So I have been WAITING and waiting and waiting to post a bucket list for this year, but I have been holding out for this EPIC BIRTHDAY POST! And, oh my gahhhh, are there so many things that I want to do this year. Although, I won’t lie, I am a little intimidated looking at a list like that, and I am going to make an effort to carve out some relaxing self-care time as well.

One of my biggest goals this year is to work smarter. That means, less time spent + more organization = ultimately, more bang for my buck. I no longer want to live under a pile of oppressive to do lists. Instead, I want to work on structuring my time better, to reduce last minute scrambling (read: stress/rampant coffee consumption/general mania).

This photo is one of my favorite photos of my life. It comes from a phase where I absolutely REQUIRED a small, eye-liner mustache before leaving the house. Also known as one of the most fun periods of my childhood. And that’s my godmother. Adorable? I thought you’d like it.

NOW. Onto the list: (and naturally I will be blogging about these tasks as they are accomplished)

  1. Run a 5K [Post]
  2. Develop a business casual wardrobe
  3. (Self) publish a memoir
  4. Buy a new computer
  5. Open a hula hoop business
  6. Visit my sister in Boulder
  7. Create a budget (and stick to it)
  8. Buy a bathing suit that I truly love
  9. Try chia seeds
  10. Publish an article in a major US magazine
  11. Bake the most delicious gluten free cake
  12. Build a professional resume page to house all online endeavors
  13. Plan the most perfect backyard, country wedding my fiance and I can imagine
  14. Get my master’s degree in social work
  15. Do a major Marzipan photoshoot
  16. Buy five pairs of shoes that a) look cute, b) make me feel good about myself, and c) are not remotely awkward or strange
  17. Create a legitimate Halloween costume. Pippi Longstockings? (the remix?)
  18. Give Medicinal Marzipan (ANOTHER – better) makeover. Enlist some professionals.
  19. Get my eyebrows threaded
  20. Buy a Vitamix
  21. Go to Fitbloggin! Eep! [Post]
  22. Get a camera and some editing software
  23. Take a surprise weekend vacation somewhere romantic/spontaneous
  24. Make banana soft serve
  25. Create a mailing list for Medicinal Marzipan
  26. Build an emergency savings account
  27. ZUMBA

What is on YOUR bucket list this year? Don’t leave me hanging, it IS my birthday after all 😉 xooxxo