29 Things I’d Love to do (and Have) Before 29

March 07, 2013

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Why didn’t I just publish this list ON my birthday, you ask? Tomorrow’s spot has been reserved for an exciting 24 hour birthday  SALE.  Skip on over if first thing if you’ve been jonesing for some self-love in your life, or hop on this list to be notified the minute the doors open. 

I love getting excited for my birthday, by thinking long and hard about all of the exciting things that I want to do with the next year of my life.

Here is my list for the next year of my life. If something on this list sounds fabulous to you, or you want to accompany me or help out in anyway, I would love to hear from you.

  1. Learn to crochet. Make some of those cute boot cuffs with buttons.
  2. Get published in a major US magazine.
  3. Go to the World Domination Summit.
  4. Take a burlesque class.
  5. Run a 10K.
  6. Learn how to drive stick shift.
  7. Go on a super secret and extra luxurious trip with my sweetheart, with no technology invited.
  8. Buy a Vitamix.
  9. Create a mastermind group for a group of phenomenal women, looking to stand in their own power and support one another as they make waves in their lives.
  10. Start a 401K.
  11. Take a whole bunch of different kinds of dance classes.
  12. Travel up the West Coast and gobble up the beauty and newness.
  13. Buy my sweetheart a nice camera, and let her take photos of me often.
  14. Create a recipe book.
  15. Experiment with classic cocktails. Expand horizons.
  16. Bake grain-free cider donuts.
  17. Create something new and take my own breath away.
  18. Take a social media fast – write letters, turn my phone off, and spend time with friends.
  19. Get a new passport. Use it.
  20. Learn 4 rounds of songs. Practice. Pray.
  21. Make my sweetheart something gorgeous for our first year anniversary.
  22. Hire a photographer and have a glamourous photo shoot.
  23. Read The Law of Divine Compensation.
  24. Make banana soft serve.
  25. Start an art journal.
  26. Create a retreat with friends, with fireside chats, magic hunting, writing, moving, and surrounding ourselves with joy.
  27. Get a facial.
  28. Buy a new colorful set of sheets with a high thread count.
  29. Master the Tami Taylor hairstyle.

What’s on the top of your list this year?