31 Days of Deserving

You deserve…

…to feel really good in your skin every day.

…to receive love that inspires you, ignites your spirit, and nudges you to become the best version of yourself.

…to speak to yourself honestly, cultivating an inner landscape ripe for growth and becoming.

…loving boundaries within all of your relationships.

…to follow through with the promises that you make to yourself.

…the space to allow your desires to unfurl at their own pace.

…to feel safe and good in every area of your life.

My favorite part is seeing an email in my inbox that I know is for me, that I know will only take a few moments of my time, and often leaves me with something to ponder or sit with. – Angela


31 Days of Deserving is an exploration into your primary relationship… the one that you have with yourself.

How often do we move about our lives with little care for how we treat ourselves? We pile things onto our to do lists. We put our needs on the back burner. We abandon everything in the name of perfection.

You have another choice.

Choose to support yourself through receiving the daily emails and taking a moment to connect with yourself. Give yourself permission to stay firmly grounded in your body. Love yourself bravely as you traverse this new territory of living your life with intention.


Choose to tenderly take care of yourself by exploring the multitude of ways that you can be present in your own life during every day – even the busy, hectic ones.

It is a month dedicated to opening up into loving conversation with yourself about the life that you want – a life that inspires and excites you. This class is an opportunity for you to engage in the sacred work of rewriting your belief system while braiding in your divine worthiness and beautiful heart.

This class is for women who long to believe that they deserve the beautiful life of their imagining.

This course has honestly, totally changed my life!  Before I took the class I was scared to really dive in to my life.  I felt like I was standing at the edge of the pool watching everyone else swim.  Now my husband and I are reconnecting with nature and each other, and having all sorts of adventures!  I’ve also begun watercolor painting again.  And with the winding down of the course I simply decided to let myself be, instead of always feeling like I need to change myself to fit a certain ideal. – Kathryn


Meet Your Guide: Mara Glatzel

Hey lovely. I’m Mara.

I am a :: tender leader, brave lover, deliciously selfish celebrator, and holder of the unholdable.

As a coach and writer, I work with audacious women that have the sacred (and stubborn) drive for forward motion and desire to cultivate extraordinarily joyful daily experiences.

I guide women home to themselves, teaching them how to create lives and businesses brimming with ease, self-care, and permission. I believe that it is your birthright to transmit brilliantly and with unbridled joy.

My work is all about self-love, self-trust + radical self-responsibility.

My superpower is teaching you how to grant yourself the delicious permission necessary to help you usher more of yourself into your daily life.

Inspiration for this class:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom. {Anaïs Nin}

Class Details

The 31 Days of Deserving e-course includes 31 daily emails delivered to your inbox – starting the minute that you click buy now below.

Cost: $39

Materials include…

  • 31 daily love notes delivered to you by email
  • Prompts, invitations + questions to deepen your relationship with yourself

Please note: You will be encouraged to interact with this material creatively, using your class journal to write, dream, paint, draw, collage, and asked to dig deeply into your own relationship with yourself.

In other words, you’re going to love it. 

Big love for 31 Days of Deserving…

I found this class a wonderful, gentle nudge to review, revise and re-energize. Once we’re so into our busy lives, it’s sometimes hard to remember to breathe. This certainly accomplished that.– Maggie N.

The work that I have done over the past year in therapy, coupled with your beautiful daily reminders really helped me – I mean it really helped remind me to stay present and attempt not to fall into old patterns. That happened, but perhaps not at the rate it would have in previous years. I found myself sobbing at times while reading your words, other times smiling, or feeling confident, and when I started to get angry at the words you would write something directly after that pushed me more. I can’t explain it succinctly, but it’s like you were able to intuit what my mind would do: continue to tell myself that I am NOT worth it, address that, and continue showering me with encouraging words to love.– Kimberly R.

Daily I was reminded that it’s ok to do something for myself. It’s ok to love yourself, it’s ok to BE yourself. I have written a bunch in the  journal I bought for this class. Feelings I never knew I had came out on that paper. Ideas that arose came out. Terrible memories and heart mending solutions came out. Hurt feelings and broken hearts came out on that paper…straight from my heart. I’ll continue to write… I won’t stop. I’ll continue to  grow within, I continue to practice Brave Love, which was probably my most favorite part of this class. BRAVE. LOVE. Honestly, I couldn’t have made this progress by myself, I would have given up. I told be back at square one, disappointed with myself and a million times worse. – Holly G.