A Self Esteem Mantra

January 11, 2011

Hey y’all, I was looking over some of my course materials from the Ann Wigmore Institute for a little inspiration to tack up on my wall this week to insulate my good feelings towards my body during this week when I have to be at my best for a very important interview. I found this perfect declaration, and I wanted to share it with you.

Self-Esteem Storage - 49/365

image by Jamiesrabbits

Self Esteem


Declaration of Intention

I am here to love myself.

I am here to re-establish a relationship of gentleness

and kindness with myself.

As I do this for myself, i do this for all others.

I am here to rediscover that I am born free of guilt.

I am worthy and whole.

As I see this in myself, I see this in all others.

I am willing to let go of the security of my past self-image.

I am willing to enter the adventure of who I really am.

I am willing to light the lantern of self love so that I

may see my inner beauty, my original innocence,

and genuine gifts.

As I rediscover these in myself, I discover them in all others.

I am here to know the truth:

I am an offspring of Divine Love

Born in the Image and Likeness of God

As I see the Divine in myself, I see the Divine

in all others.

I just liked the sound of that. Happy Tuesday. I hope that you are doing well. xoxox

VERY exciting news Marzipanlings:

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