A Very Merry 4th Birthday Medicinal Marzipan + Presents!

September 25, 2012

Four years ago today, I was sitting at my mother’s kitchen table contemplating how I might possibly use my writing to cast a net, wide out, far into the ether of the internet to try and find myself a community that fit the person that I knew deep down that I was becoming.

I wrote and I wrote, putting all of my faith in the idea that with every word, an audience, a community, and a family of like-minded individuals might find their way to what I was creating.

I wrote, because that was the best way that I knew how to reach out, a way that was authentic and unmitigated by my fears around learning to play big in the smallness that had become my life.

I wrote, because it was the tether between me and the faith that I had about what my life might become, if I relaxed into love, relaxed into support, and relaxed into a profound sense of deserving.

Over the course of these four years, I have grown up and have changed so much. I have moved to tropical islands, fallen madly + truly in love, gone back to school, changed my mind oh-s0-many-times, rented my first, second, and third apartments, gotten married, and, finally,  cultivated a business and a life that fit me, instead of trying to fit myself into a life that was much to small and safe.

I want to thank you.

I want to tell you that you have challenged me to be better. To be brighter. To be who I already was.

You have solidified for me the one thing that I know for sure – I, much like each and every one of you, deserve a life that is as beautiful and magical and exciting as I can possibly imagine.

That one little thing has saved me, completely.

This week will be one of excitement + presents.It will also be one where I renew my commitment to you and to myself, to show up more completely, become even slightly more authentic, and to continue in the pursuit of building what feels gloriously exciting to build.

Present #1: Body Loving Homework at a steep, exhilarating discount

To celebrate the best 4 years of my life, my first digital product Body Loving Homework will be on sale for $16.25, a 40% discount for the next 24 hours. Snap it up. It’s a life-changer. You can learn more about Body Loving Homework here.

Oops! The birthday sale has expired! Grab your copy of BLH here.

Body Loving Homework announcement

This book is going to become a class, launching out into the world mid-October. There are going to be small groups, soul-filled sharing, weekly coaching calls, additional tools + videos + FUN for each module. You will hear more about this in the next couple of weeks, but I was just bursting at the seams and wanted to share it with you on this celebratory occasion.

Present #2: To be unveiled in tomorrow’s mailing

You’re on the list, right? Click this link to get yourself enrolled. My list gets all manner of behind the scenes awesomeness, vulnerable + tender writing, early details + discounts, AND magically (and immediately) enrolled in the mini course 5 Days of Deserving.

Tomorrow’s email will contain a very exciting, first come first serve present.

And yes, I sometimes (often) swear in my mailing list. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Join the fun.

The short version: I love you. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. I absolutely cannot wait for what’s to come.