What To Do When You’re Having a Bad Day

May 27, 2011

For much of my life, I ate my pain.

However, I don’t want to do that any more. Finding new and improved ways to cheer myself up, make myself feel loved, and return me to a state of bliss is pretty much my number one priority in my recovery from the first twenty-three years of my life. It is the one thing that keeps me from dissolving into a puddle of cookies and Kardashians on a regular basis.

But, because life can be hard – we need some really STELLAR coping mechanisms. And for me? Binging is not a viable option any longer.

1. Sing. Scream. Get loud.

We are talking TOP VOLUME here people. We are talking my throat might hurt for days but I’ve just got to. We are talking all alone in my car with the windows up and my favorite jams playing. We *might* be talking about What’s Up by the 4 Non-Blondes. Tragic? I love that song.

2. Sweat.

Running. Cranking the heat up for faux-Bikram in your living room. My all time favorite: hitting a dance club with not even a prayer of looking pulled together and dancing until I am literally soaked with sweat. Oh! And definitely, dancing with friends. For me, this activity does not require alcohol, just a dedication to move my body like an insane person for at least two hours. Don’t forget to hydrate.

3. Write something really freaking good.

You know, like the kind of something you just know all your buddies are going to want to retweet and comment on to their little hearts’ content? I love that feeling. I love pouring it all out on paper, even if I know that no one is going to read it. I love to get really specific, and make big, bold statements. I love to get it all out. Bonus points for pulling you out of a funk: creating yourself a rocking community of support, so that when you write this type of “go big or go home” post – you feel the love directed right back at you.

4. Call up someone who really won’t judge you, and get it out of your system.

This is what sisters are just so unbelievably great for.  My poor sisters. They are such total rockstars. And they are there to listen to me whine and cry and feel extra sorry for myself until I am able to get it ALL out of my system and move on with my day.

5. Take a moment to cue up something truly inspiring or comforting.

No judgements here. You love to watch old Bones episodes on repeat when you’re really upset? Oh wait that’s just me.. But truly – this is where I’m really serious about the no judgements. I love bad television. I love terrible cheesy books. I love love love trashy magazines. Now I know that they continue the ideal body myth, I KNOW that I shouldn’t support them.. But if it’s between being politically correct and pulling myself back from the ledge, I’m going to choose myself every time, and I encourage you to choose yourself as well. You hate television? I’m very confused by you, but no problem – find something fantastic to listen to, go to an art exhibit, do anything that distracts you from disintegrating.

What are your favorite ways to cheer yourself up after a bad day?

[Editor’s Note: A small caveat… Plenty of people enjoy food and enjoy healthy relationships with food. I am absolutely not saying that you shouldn’t cook yourself the world’s most deluxe meal after a bad day if that’s your favorite thing to do. I am merely saying that, for me, right now that is not the best way for me to interact with food. xoxo]