Standing in my Realm of Responsibility

January 18, 2019
I am awestruck by the delight of this container as I walk the earth here The fertile ground beneath my feet The lush landscape that surrounds me The fortitude of the fence that holds my structure here without the slightest sense of confining me The way that I am easily able to understand what is mine and what is not I remember the times before it felt this way when my inner landscape felt like a plot of land available for anyone to ... keep reading

Needy 29: Embracing Impefection With Ashley Beaudin

January 15, 2019
Season two's inaugural episode features the Imperfect Bos herself, Ashley Beaudin Ashley Beaudin is an inspirational speaker, heart encourager and coach to creative women She is pasionate about equipping women to develop a flourishing relationship with themselves, heal their identity and increase their confidence You may also know her as the visionary behind #theimperfectbos; a movement that is making imperfect normal and inspiring ... keep reading

Needy 28: Motherhood, Connection & Self-Care with Tara Pringle Jefferson

November 27, 2018
Today's episode features Tara Pringle Jefferson! Tara is a writer, speaker, self-care coach and founder of the Make Life Rich podcast, a weekly show that serves as a self-care intervention for burnt out entrepreneurs Tara’s platform for self-care includes a series of workshops on stres reduction, time management and personal development, all of which culminate in an annual self-care retreat in exciting cities acros the country A voice ... keep reading

Needy 27: Daily Reminders For A Joyful Holiday Season

November 20, 2018
The holiday season can feel fraught with overwhelm, tricky conversations, and the huge weight of internal and external expectations To support you in showing up for your life differently this holiday season, I recorded this short episode to remind you that you are allowed to take care of yourself, set and maintain appropriate boundaries, and say no (especially when you really really really want to) These timely reminders are useful all ... keep reading

Needy 26: Getting (Back) Into Your Body with Audrey Holst

November 06, 2018
Today's episode features Audrey Holst Audrey helps people stres les and enjoy life more by giving them the tools to get their bodies and minds working together Combining over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulnes with extensive training and work as a Certified Profesional Coach, she uses her distinctive blend of down-to-earth pragmatism and deep empathy to teach people how to tap into their natural resilience and agility ... keep reading