Needy 23: Permission to Change Your Mind

October 10, 2018
Today's episode dives into the sticky liberation of giving yourself permision to change your mind This can be very difficult for the people pleasing humans of the world, like myself! Listen in to hear me share a personal anecdotes about how I learned to give myself permision to change my mind - and finding the careful balance between feeling flaky and taking personal responsibility Tune in to hear me explore What to do FIRST when ... keep reading

Needy 22: Advocating for Your Needs in Your Relationships with Pace Smith

September 25, 2018
Today's episode features the brilliant Pace Smith Pace is co-host of The Dervish and the Mermaid, a podcast about living wholeheartedly, pathfinding, the Enneagram, feminism & activism for sensitive people, self-love & body love, and plenty more! Pace is a Sufi, a bridger, a pan poly trans DDR player, and a 3 Download her free eBook, Find Your Path Now, to STOP living on autopilot and START living the wholehearted, unconventional ... keep reading

Needy 21: Are You Worth It?

September 18, 2018
We encounter questions about our worth whenever we are thinking about investing time, money, or energy into ourselves We wonder, "Is the experience going to be worth our investment" The subtle question underneath this question is, "Am I worth the investment" Today's podcast episode explores investment, posibility, and disappointment as I explore how to make decision about your own care that feel really (really) good Tune in to hear me ... keep reading

Needy 20: On Tending with Carrie Cox & Tanya Levy

September 11, 2018
Today's very special episode features two brilliant women who I have been honored to work with over the last two years, Tanya Levy and Carrie Cox During the interview, Tanya and Carrie share fantastic examples and real life anecdotes of how they care for themselves as they navigate their daily lives From motherhood to boundary setting to honoring the creative proces, this conversation highlights the transformation, ease, and mesines that ... keep reading

Needy 19: On Receiving

September 05, 2018
We pour a lot of energy into identifying and asking for what we want and need,  but what happens when you have the opportunity to receive what you've asked for I've found that this can be a sneaky and unexpected minefield for women as they learn to prioritize their needs Today's episode is devoted to the practice of learning how to receive the things that you ask for - including how to navigate potential pitfalls before they occur Tune in to ... keep reading