Unplugging + Rebooting Your Life

June 29, 2012
Hi, my name is Mara Glatzel, and I'm addicted to the internet I'm one of those people used to be found furiously typing late at night after everyone has fallen asleep, attempting to respond to emails as quickly as they arrive, and losing all concept of space and time while "browsing" the social media outlets If I let it - the internet would run my life If I let it These days, I am making a conscious effort to maximize my time outside, in the ... keep reading

Accountability, Coaching + Getting Shit Done

June 22, 2012
Recently, a reader asked me if I might write a quick post around how coaching is different from therapy, what coaching self-love is, and how it might help someone move forward in their lives This is that post I am a formally, clinically trained social worker and therapist I have been seeing clients in weekly individual therapy over the course of the last two years, working with them on a litany of personal isues, secret desires, relationship ... keep reading

On Removing the Diet Mentality from Your Diet

June 20, 2012
During my first couple of years as a body image blogger, I spent many hours eschewing the negative impact of dieting I spoke about dieting mentality, the ways in which diets don't work, and how one might get themselves as very far away from this type of lifestyle as posible I thought that if I removed the diet from my life, I would be able to thus weed out the self-hatred that I felt so deeply I thought that I would be healed up perfectly, ... keep reading

Taking a Dose of Your Own Medicine

June 14, 2012
One of my favorite things to ask my clients is: If one of your best, most beloved, friends was feeling that way, what would you tell them I love to ask this, because sometimes the answers are surprising - filled with actions to be taken framed in loving sweetnes You know, when you someone too well to bullshit them or tell them oh no, just keep doing that - I'm sure it will work out fine in the end My two best friends are my sisters, and ... keep reading

5 Steps to Renovating Your Life

May 31, 2012
People are always going around and saying: Do it like you mean it Which, I've always asumed means giving something your all However, I'm curious - how are people supposed to give something their "ALL," when they don't even know what that looks like So often we are so hampered by our own self-doubt, fear, and worry that we barely stick our toe into the life that we know we could have if we were only brave enough Step One Let's just all make a ... keep reading