The Luxury of Doing "Just" One Thing At A Time

February 01, 2012
Raise your hand if you have at least three windows open other than this blog, or other than this blog post in your google reader Raise your hand if you are currently a) listening to music, b) watching TV, c) eating or d) haphazardly doing some other activity At this moment (while simultaneously writing this post) I am also "watching" the Vampire Diaries, drinking seltzer, and have four tabs open on my computer - inbox, twitter, Facebook, ... keep reading

Excavating Shame

January 29, 2012
You know all of those things that you've been holding onto for as long as you can remember, because you kind of sort of think maybe you were to blame for them or they reaffirmed what you've always suspected has been true about you or you just can't really seem to let them go Today we are going to talk about those memories, and the shame is tied up with them The memories that are dragging you down The memories that keep you chained up in a life ... keep reading

“I Changed My Mind” + Magically Taking Control of YOUR Life

January 25, 2012
I remember the day that I was told, calmly and self-asuredly by a friend that I had made plans with that she was going to have to break her plans, because she had over-extended herself and had changed her mind about wanting to go out At first, I was angry I was all - are you SERIOUS we had PLANS! I wrote it in my PLANNER But after reflecting on it for a couple of minutes I realized that yes, I was angry - but I was angry at myself At that ... keep reading

What’s The Point of Pretty?

January 24, 2012
This post has been whipped up by the fantastic Sarah Von Bargen, over at Yes and Yes, which is just one of my all-time faves Run, don't walk Enjoy! Is it weird if I tell you that I have some very, very attractive lady friends Well, I do They're my friends because they're smart, funny, kind and equally obsesed with anthropomorphism But many of them also happen to be double-take hot  Now, I am not someone who is particularly plagued with ... keep reading

Untethered: The Rest Of Love – Finishing the Book

January 18, 2012
Note from Marzipan: Good morning! Today you all get an extra special treat - a guest post from my mother, the love artist I asked her to post here to get a little well deserved attention for the kickstarter campaign that she's created in an effort to finish her memoir I asure you, she is deeply talented, and I thought that her experience of putting herself out there to pursue her art was something that would resonate for many of us I am a ... keep reading