Nourishing Acts of Self-Trust

January 22, 2016
I'm great at keeping promises to the ones that I love, but when it comes to myself, I can't seem to make it happen  I really want to do _________, but I'm just too busy  If I'm really honest, I don't trust myself to follow through  When we imagine self-trust, it seems like this enormous, all-encompasing thing that we either have or don't have We may look longingly at the few people who seem to be able to follow through with their ... keep reading

The Right to Receive

October 22, 2015
A year ago, I had started to try to ask for what I needed I had started it into conversation naturally, dropping hints or mentioning it whenever it came up And yet,  we were moving and things were stresful and there was so much to do I had tried to ask, but just the asking was so difficult that it required an enormous amount of energy to discern what it was that I needed to begin with, even before I muttered the words aloud I asked what ... keep reading

You Can (Totally) Sit With Me

October 16, 2015
On her way out the door she said, "Mara, honestly this is the weekend that I have been yearning for my entire life This is the circle of women that I have been searching for forever" She said it and I could feel the depth of her words - the depth of what it means to be surrounded by open-hearted, like-minded individuals I could feel the deep power embedded in these experiences of belonging and restoration The way that it opens your entire ... keep reading

Freedom | Three Years in the Making

September 03, 2015
Three years ago today, I was working at my last catering gig It was a gigantic wedding in a beautiful yard, but it was catastrophic from the beginning - starting with when I had said yes to working the event when I wanted to say no I said yes, because I wanted to be helpful, I wanted to be a team player I said yes, because, three years ago, I was more concerned with how others perceived me than how I felt in my own life I remember spilling ... keep reading

Fighting Oppression as a Sensitive Soul

August 25, 2015
Today I'm delighted to share this guest post written by the lovely Marsha Philitas  As you read this post there are liberation movements growing right outside our doors The Black Liberation Movement and the LGBT movements are calling for us all to examine who has power and why  Protests, campaign disruptions and more are rumbling and challenging the status quo As sensitive, caring souls we have a tension to deal with Our hearts are ... keep reading