What If: I Stopped Comparing Myself to Others?

April 27, 2010
I know, I know, this is a preemptive "what if" wednesday installation, but this post is of the utmost importance and it simply could not wait This is not an orthodox what if anyway, as it doesn't addres any of my five initial questions, but it seems important all the same So here we go: What if I stopped comparing myself to others What would happen Would I become more: succesful/thin/happy/well liked/insert secret desire here I have a history ... keep reading

What If?

April 22, 2010
If you haven't yet heard, Fitarella has started a new challenge wherein a group of bloggers will be working weekly towards answering "what ifs" This challenge originated with Don Miller, and is based upon the idea that "what if" is one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself He proposes that you start a small group where participants will ask themselves five "what if" questions Next, participants share their questions, in this case ... keep reading

Shut the Computer Down + Love Me: The Life of a Blogger

April 16, 2010
The thing about blogging is that it takes a lot of work And, most importantly, that a lot of that work looks a lot like effing around on the Internet Example: I do lots of google reader-ing, "social media networking," writing, fixing my blog template, adding plug-ins, removing plug-ins when I mes things up, checking my stats, so on and so forth All Day Long It's not that I'm obsesed, it's just that I love this blog, seriously, like it's my ... keep reading

Old Dog Learning New Tricks: Taking the High Road

April 12, 2010
Or: The Post Where I Admit To Still Sleeping With a Teddy Bear at The Age of Twenty-Five I will start this off by stating this this post could also very easily be entitled, "The Bear That Broke My Heart" or "The Day I Put My Teddy Bear in a Box and Sent Him Away" And its not really a post I'm super excited or proud to share with you, and yet, here I am, spilling my guts The abbreviated version of this story is as follows: Met first girlfriend at ... keep reading

On Moving, Shaking + Getting Things Done: A Guide in Anti-Procrastination

April 03, 2010
I am a terrible procrastinator It's unbelievable! I have an uncanny ability to move at sloth-like pace and lay about drinking coffee luxuriously and reading blog posts and idly stalking people on facebook/twitter/google/you-name-it I was like this all throughout school too, and then in my literal HOUR of need, I would pull myself together, slug a redbull, and write a thirty page paper Now, this is not necesarily to be recommended, as it earned ... keep reading